Autoimmune Connection: Thyroid

Amy Myres has two books out focusing on Thyroid issues, both Graves Disease, which I have, and Hashimoto’s Disease. Here is a link to a helpful page on her website.



Lorna Vanderhaeghe has so much to offer on her sight for healing naturally. She deals with hormonal imbalance too.  Healthy Solutions, Healthy Immunity


The journey continues…

I have shared my soul searching journey with you in hopes of giving at least one person hope, knowledge and peace in the uncertain time of feeling lost, unbalanced and confused in the months that follow receiving a diagnosis such as IBD.  If you look back at my posts you will see a pattern, a path, some answers, honesty, hope and a variety of ways to help your body adjust to and heal IBD naturally. That’s right Naturally! That means NO prescription drugs, NO over the counter medicines and NO surgery! Not ever, not for the treatment of IBD!

Healing, Remission & Recovery

I needed this outlet (blog) to share what I have learned, the course my life took to find balance and the search and research I have completed to find myself and heal! The people, ideas, health information, cookbooks and positive attitudes in an uncertain time I found along my way were inspirational, helpful and healing. I will keep all of this with me as I move forward in my ever changing life. I am grateful for the hope, peace and my true authentic self I found while healing, finding remission and now recovery over the past months.

Looking back I see how I’ve slowly healed naturally, with homeopathy, holistic medicine, biofeedback and a change in diet. I have to admit it can be done and it is absolutely amazing to say the least.  Watching the transformation my body has taken in the last twenty two months is beyond what I expected.

There is grace in healing naturally!

How life has changed for me in the last couple of months

A couple of weeks house hunting, secured a rental townhouse, moved out of storage into a one bedroom home, winterized my travel trailer an got it safely to storage. Researched accredited colleges, applied, was interviewed and got accepted. I’m going back to school to become a Homeopathic Practitioner. It’s the power of the mind, manifest what you want. Six months ago it never crossed my mind that I would be at this place in my life.

On my way….

This leads me to my next entrepreneurial and website endeaver. I am beginning a new adventure, an entrepreneurial venture that I am extremely excited about. Now that my colitis and crohns are in remission I am starting my dream career. Woodlands Tree Farm!! It’s seasonal but being outdoors and running my own company has been a dream of mine since I was in my 20’s and the time is finally here! I’m jumping in feet first!

Woodlamds Tree Farm start up is in a couple of weeks, going to get people thinking about Christmas! I will be selling Pine, Spruce and Fir Christmas Trees.

Woodlands Tree Farm on  Twtter and Faceook; website will be launching soon.

Stay tuned for more of my recovery and beyond! You can find me here at, on FacebookTwitter & Instagram



Holistic Healing Modalities

Looking into holistic healing came when I first visited my homeopathic doctor using biofeedback and as they say the rest is history! I love how holistic health has changed me, my life and how I have adapted it as a new lifestyle. I can’t say enough good things about holistic health and it’s benefits. I have only tried a handful of the modalities so far which I list below.

  • Ayurveda
  • Biofeedback
  • Breath Work
  • Chakras
  • Crystal Healing

There are many more holistic healing modalities to consider. Here is a link of a list and description for each type.

Walking out of the western medical doctors office back in January 2015 with a feeling of absolute despair was the turning point that changed my life for the good permanently. Finding my way into the holistic world of healing and adapt the lifestyle saved my life!

There are ways to heal crohns and colitis and other diseases to avoid prescription drugs and surgery I’ve proven this over the past 32 months. It’s been a long road but worth the changes to my life because now I am happier, healthier and hopeful person.

Hope, peace & love ~Andrea

Let the tears fall

I am not a crier, never have been! I am a strong person in mind as I reason and work through obstacles in a mental capacity rather than in an emotional way, but sometimes I need a good cry which always makes me feel better.  It’s always after long periods of time when I hold things in and I just can’t take one more thing! I use to think crying showed weakness and was a form of feeling sorry for yourself but after this flare bringing me to my knees and almost taking my life I have learned that to cry is healthy! I’m talking about crying because things feel like they are falling apart, because you had a horrible week of ups and downs, because week after week, month after month nothing seems to be going right no matter how hard you try kinda of cry!

Emotional and reasoning balance

Emotions can take over but if the mind is trained to use thought over emotion it makes you a stronger person in mind, body and soul. Crying is the transformation of distress into something tangible, and that the process itself helps to reduce the feeling of trauma. Having balance of a trained mind to reason and think things through to eliminate the severity, stress or the root cause is crucial. Knowing when to cry and allowing it to happen freely is important too.

Having a good cry helps you feel better. A study performed at the University of Florida found that crying is more effective than any antidepressant on the market. A good cry improved the mood of 88.8% of weepers with only 8.4% reporting that crying made them feel worse.

Releasing your tears helps to flush out toxins

Crying is cleansing. Tears that are provoked by stress help your body rid itself of nasty chemicals that raise cortisol. Have you ever felt sad for no reason? Emotions aren’t always logical. Letting the tears fall can help you find the reason behind your state of mind. And when you’re aware of the problem that requires your attention, you’ll be free to find a solution. Sometimes shedding tears helps bring back perspective, it’s simply the release that you need to regain reasoning.

From the Huffington Post article, “Stress Relief: Why Crying Supports Emotional Wellness

Crying helps you come to terms with a grieving. Grieving the loss of someone special, your job, your house or your health are all devastating and affect your whole life. In situations like these, words don’t suffice. Sometimes the only thing you can do is let the tears fall.