Autoimmune Connection: Thyroid

Amy Myres has two books out focusing on Thyroid issues, both Graves Disease, which I have, and Hashimoto’s Disease. Here is a link to a helpful page on her website.



Lorna Vanderhaeghe has so much to offer on her sight for healing naturally. She deals with hormonal imbalance too.  Healthy Solutions, Healthy Immunity


The journey continues…

I have shared my soul searching journey with you in hopes of giving at least one person hope, knowledge and peace in the uncertain time of feeling lost, unbalanced and confused in the months that follow receiving a diagnosis such as IBD.  If you look back at my posts you will see a pattern, a path, some answers, honesty, hope and a variety of ways to help your body adjust to and heal IBD naturally. That’s right Naturally! That means NO prescription drugs, NO over the counter medicines and NO surgery! Not ever, not for the treatment of IBD!

Healing, Remission & Recovery

I needed this outlet (blog) to share what I have learned, the course my life took to find balance and the search and research I have completed to find myself and heal! The people, ideas, health information, cookbooks and positive attitudes in an uncertain time I found along my way were inspirational, helpful and healing. I will keep all of this with me as I move forward in my ever changing life. I am grateful for the hope, peace and my true authentic self I found while healing, finding remission and now recovery over the past months.

Looking back I see how I’ve slowly healed naturally, with homeopathy, holistic medicine, biofeedback and a change in diet. I have to admit it can be done and it is absolutely amazing to say the least.  Watching the transformation my body has taken in the last twenty two months is beyond what I expected.

There is grace in healing naturally!

How life has changed for me in the last couple of months

A couple of weeks house hunting, secured a rental townhouse, moved out of storage into a one bedroom home, winterized my travel trailer an got it safely to storage. Researched accredited colleges, applied, was interviewed and got accepted. I’m going back to school to become a Homeopathic Practitioner. It’s the power of the mind, manifest what you want. Six months ago it never crossed my mind that I would be at this place in my life.

On my way….

This leads me to my next entrepreneurial and website endeaver. I am beginning a new adventure, an entrepreneurial venture that I am extremely excited about. Now that my colitis and crohns are in remission I am starting my dream career. Woodlands Tree Farm!! It’s seasonal but being outdoors and running my own company has been a dream of mine since I was in my 20’s and the time is finally here! I’m jumping in feet first!

Woodlamds Tree Farm start up is in a couple of weeks, going to get people thinking about Christmas! I will be selling Pine, Spruce and Fir Christmas Trees.

Woodlands Tree Farm on  Twtter and Faceook; website will be launching soon.

Stay tuned for more of my recovery and beyond! You can find me here at, on FacebookTwitter & Instagram



Digestion ~ Healing CD & UC ~ A change in lifestyle is necessary

When crohns and colitis flares are active in the body they change the lining of the small intestine, colon (large intestine) and bowel.  When this happens the gut does not absorb nutrients that the body needs to function. You become malnourished and if this happens for an extended amount of time the body will start to shut down. Anemia is present once crohns and colitis flares start if untreated will cause lack of oxygen to be transported throughout the body also causing the body to shut down. This is what happened to me starting in 2013.

A change in diet is necessary to heal IBD.  As patients we are told that a change in diet won’t help. I am proof that diet is necessary. I healed crohns and colitis with diet change, biofeedback and homeopathy. I avoided prescription drugs and surgery, neither were options for me in my mind.

Every person is different, learning what food triggers, allergies and food intolerance is healthy for everyone even healthy people! There is the AIP, Against All Grain,  SCD, Whole30 program, and Low Foodmap that will take you through a process to figure out your specific food approved list.

The key thing to remember here is only you can tell what foods bother your system and no one will have the same food issues as you. Taking the time to figure out what foods you can tolerate and the foods you can not is being respectful of your mind, body connection and will be the difference between finding remission or continuing to suffer from the symptoms of IBD.

A Movement in Progress & AIP

The Autoimmune movement is a long time coming and so many people being diagnosed with life threatening illnesses are banning together and strong pioneering women are getting the word out to show the western medical field and the struggling individuals that something has to change. That there are ways to deal with and improve lives by diet change or a I prefer change in the way we eat because I don’t see how it’s a diet it’s the way everyone should still be eating.  By eliminating none food items and trigger foods from your diet you can regain your health. Everyone is different and each individual should work through the AIP Diet to learn about their bodies on their own.

This movement is working towards the combined efforts of doctor and patient to work together to combat against the cause of the illness to get to the heart of the problem through diet.  The AIP diet is a great place to start for anyone how notices that eating certain foods affect them. In doing so you are feeding yourself food that your body doesn’t have to fight against when processing it. You are giving your body the nutrition it needs so that it isn’t working overtime or try to process food you can’t tolerate instead of fighting off disease or illness.

Autoimmune Protocol ~

Cooking & Baking: Against All Grain

I use the recipes from all of Danielle Walker’s Cookbooks! I love that she made her experience with UC public and that she took the years of cooking and baking experiences and published cookbooks. It has been a life saver for me in that everything is done for you. I bought the cookbooks, app and kindle cookbooks (Joyful & Thankful) and jumped in feet first. I bought all the main ingredients that she uses so that if I wanted to make something I could pull everything out and start or only needed a quick run to the grocery store.

Doing a complete over haul and changing the entire way you eat, grocery shop, cook and bake is what it takes to take back control of your body.  Changing your thinking can be a difficult process and if you are as desperate as I was, all it took was a couple of months and it became a way of life!

When you are fevered or exhausted from a Crohn’s flare up, or weak from an ulcerative colitis flare a grocery trip is maybe the only thing you can accomplish in a day. Even cooking a meal is a major task so if you have everything you need in your house then you can eat healthy and at least feel as though you conquered something, because let’s face it anything positive that I accomplish I have to celebrate these days.

Edson 2015 040

This is definitely a movement in the making and is happening now for the masses that suffer from IBD. To educate western medicine of the positive effects diet change makes for the IBD patient and to educate all individuals that suffer from IBD to take matters into their own hands. Doing a complete over haul and changing the entire way you eat, grocery shop, cook and bake is what it takes to take back control of your body.  Changing your thinking can be a difficult process and if you are as desperate as I was, all it took was a couple of months and it became a way of life!

I had to overhaul my kitchen and my mind set before I started to see success. The autoimmune paleo way of eating is not a diet, it’s a way of life! I have been eating autoimmune paleo for a year now and I can see a difference in my energy, sleep and how I function in my waking hours. I have crohns and colitis in emission and now comes healing and recovery. I have confidence in my stocked pantry, newly learned paleo cooking skills and the way I have my kitchen set up for success, that I will have a normal future because of Against All Grain cookbooks!

SCD ~ Specific Carbohydrate Diet

I have already posted about AIP – autoimmune protocol diet and it’s benefits but I also tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which has helped me considerably in that it explains what and why you should eat or avoid certain foods.  A great resource for anyone who suffers from any gut issues. I use the legal and illegal lists often, you can find them here. This is the most common resource given to patients newly diagnosed with IBD.

Before I purchase a book I borrow it from the library to see if it will be worth the money and to see if it will help me now and in the future. I bought these two cookbooks because they are helpful in the kitchen when working through SCD.


I found that this diet didn’t get rid of my symptoms entirely but was a definite asset in my healing process. Some foods on this list still bothered me whole in a flare and recovering and other items I can tolerate,  I believe that everyone is different and each person should find what foods they can and can’t tolerate and go from there to develop their own personal way of eating well for ultimate health.

So many of these recipes that I have tried so far are delicious and I learned a great deal from the Breaking the Vicious Cycle that I can honestly say it was a great stepping stone. Please visit the authors page here. It’s absolutely amazing what one women accomplished in a life time, how many people she has helped even after her death in 2005 and how incredible her findings were after realizing what she had stumbled upon. Here’s to healing one step at a time!


I think it is very important to know what is going in your body when choosing foods, asking yourself questions like where does it come from, is it local, is it a dirty dozen and clean 15, how is it raised, are there hormones, pesticides, and other unhealthy chemicals I will be digesting and making myself feel less than healthy. Read the labels and know what is in the food you are eating. I prepare foods the whole30 way! I love that they give you a new way of viewing foods and the reactions foods can have on your body. Food combo switch up, meal swaps and interchangeable food ideas.

Whole9Life & Whole30 have the information you need to start and complete the program.

Books: It Starts With Food & The Whole30: 30 Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

Against All Grain has a great link that showcases the recipes that are in her books and food blog that are Whole30 compliant or can be tweaked to be in accordance with this program requirements. aag whole30 compliant



I have not done a Whole30 challenge but would like to starting in September when my body is balanced and my gut is healthy and equipped to handle more changes to my diet. I have come a long way and spent thousands of dollars to heal naturally, so I don’t want to upset the balance I am trying to achieve which is finding remission. Being in a Crohn’s and Colitis flares is serious and I have found what is working for me finally so I will stick to this routine until I find full recovery.

I have to admit I do make a lot of the Whole 30 recipes now and for the past 6 months and enjoy them very much, I like the meal plan, their simple to the point explanations and how gratifying it is to whip up a delicious meal and have leftovers because anybody who has IBD will testify that the energy it takes to make food is considerable, plus feeling hungry is sometimes non existent!

I have eaten whole foods all my life, that’s the way I was taught since my parents were raised on farms. I went even more religiously into whole foods shopping and eating out of shear necessity in 2000 when I found it impossible to eat certain foods without feeling incredibly sick, tired, exhausted, lethargic, gassy, constipated, having cramps or diarrhea and fevers.

The whole30 is a program to get you to make healthy conscious food decisions. To eliminate certain foods for 30 days so that your gut has a chance to be cleaned out so that for the next month or so you can slowly add in common trigger foods to see if they are trigger foods for you. The reason I haven’t done a whole30 yet is because my GI track is still not functioning properly. Once it is back to digesting normally I will definitely be all over that. I can’t wait actually!

I`m sure there are more foods I should be avoiding and will figure it out by the end of this year for sure!I found that if I eliminated certain foods I felt better and as I did this I found some foods that didn’t bother me and stuck to eating that way for a decade at least. BUT eating bland foods was making me unhappy and unsatisfied. I was so glad to find all of these different ways of eating using whole foods and I have learned that even the meat in the supermarket was affecting me with the antibiotics and chemicals growers use on their animals and then I found organic as a great source of whole food eating that I can tolerate and have been eating that way since January 2015.

Here is another link to my blog about organic foods and the difference for gut sensitivities and gut health: Eggs


Sites with real facts and info about Crohns and Colitis:  An Advanced All-Natural Guide to Treating Crohn’s Disease and IBD

Love, peace & hope ~Andrea

Crohns ~ Naturally & holistically I found full remission

I want to let you in on something about me, some people may already know and will attest to my honesty in the words that follow.  I am not good at friendship.  I’m serious and it’s not a bad thing it’s just the way I’ve always been.  I love deep maybe even deeper than most, my love is enduring, and the ones closest to me feel the intensity of my love.

I am not one to call to make plans or work to get to anyone. If it’s going to slip away then it does.  I do not “miss” people.  I do not pine over lost relationships. I am not defined by anyone. Our life experiences have made us who we are as we work through, learn from and develop while moving forward to the next thing and on to the next.

I have worked through this flare on my own in solitude because that is the way I wanted it to be. I don’t like the spotlight, I don’t enjoy celebrations, I’d rather do my own thing in peace and quiet in all aspects of my life. Being as tired and weak as I was it would have been too much to have people around me or have to “entertain” and I was not up to visiting of any sort most of the time.

I refuse to be defined by Crohns and Colitis because I am not one to put attention onto myself, hundreds of thousands of people all over the world suffer from IBD plus I want to live a healthy, fulfilled, productive life. They are debilitating diseases more so than fibromyalgia and Graves, living with all four of these I can attest to this as a matter of fact! There were many factors that came into play that made me as sick as I was for the past 4 years which I now know what the culprits were have remedied those factors out of my life and have learned how to keep my life balanced. Finding these new found ways have forever changed my life and staying with them will be my lifestyle for the future. Learning about paleo and holistic health, literally saved my life!

Good News

Over this past weekend I can officially say I am completely in remission! Crohns symptoms have finally disappeared and I am now faced with another challenge and that is recovery! Getting back on my feet into the real world and rebuilding my muscles, stamina and getting back into a routine and schedule. I am so excited about the next phase of my life and am grateful to put this one behind me! I am looking forward to the day my body is back to normal which won’t be too long if my recovery is anything like the way my body healed!

In the last couple of weeks of my Crohns flare I was extremely tired,  beyond weak meaning can hardly do anything and when I did have to do something I had to have a sleep right after because I couldn’t stay awake. This also happened when I didn’t do anything as well.  Colon and bowel wise I was in pain again so I increase curcum to 6 capsules a day when needed otherwise stuck to 4 capsules a day.  I can feel my bowels and colon moving around a lot as if they are trying to regain control plus I have some gas more than usual. I do have the urge to have a bowel movements but it is different than the way CD and UC feel like you do not have time to get to the bathroom and they are painful, where as I have no pain now.

Each day my emotional state is getting stronger, I feel my thoughts are a lot clearer, I don’t have the brain “fog”, my energy is back, I don’t have to take a nap or have a sleep, my eye site seemed to come back to normal overnight, I am not bloated and I can make decisions again that actually come to me naturally rather than mulling over and then not knowing what I should do and becoming upset. All in all I am coming around full circle here slowly but surely and I’m gaining momentum with my daily tasks, chores and routines.

What’s next?  Recovery!