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Why Beautycounter?

Here’s what stands out to me about Beautycounter – and why I think they are much more than just another beauty brand:

  • Dedicated to getting safe products into the hands of everyone
  • Ingredient selection and testing process goes above and beyond
  • Part of the movement to ask for stricter regulations in the beauty industry

Finally, a beauty brand that puts your health first!





Let’s talk about Startup Cost!

One of the most common concerns I hear from those considering the consultant opportunity is around start up cost and so I would respectfully love to shed some light on the topic:

Our main goal for new consultants is for them to achieve a positive ROI (Return on Investment) in their first month or so. We WANT our consultants to be profitable and we want them set up for success as they further our mission of getting safe products into the hands of everyone. An average social is between $700-$1000, so depending on your sales in any given month (you have the opportunity to earn an up to 10% commission bonus over the base 25%), you’ll be pocketing at minimum $175 per social upwards to $350 (again just based on the average). We encourage our consultants to host a “Launch Social” so you can take care of earning some of that investment back just by hosting your own “Opening” – Just like you would if you were opening a pizza store in town, you want to announce your new business and give people an opportunity to learn more about our mission and explore our products.

A side bonus is that you can claim hostess rewards (Free and Half off products) as a consultant ONCE per month! So that’s another great way to build up product for Free and Half off (your regular consultant discount is 25% off). Talk about the mission and your new business (or future business) and line up 2 other socials aside from your launch and your investment at the middle level kit ($680) will be surely paid off! Some on our team have even paid off the highest level kit ($910) from their launch social alone! So when considering the opportunity, consider strategically lining up a business plan to earn back your investment in short order – and partner with your mentor to make that happen.

Business expenses with Beautycounter are predominantly Front End Loaded. We don’t release a new “collection” worth thousands of dollars every quarter and expect you to re-vamp your display (contrasting to other Direct Sales opportunities). In my previous career I had some years where I was spending over $5K (yes, my cost out of pocket) on product samples. Yes we interject new product as it is developed, but for the most part your largest investment is at the beginning to set up your display for your socials and one on ones. I’ve been doing socials for 4 months and haven’t replaced ANY products from my social display kit and I’ve also personally used some of the items in my kit and used them to make samples! So don’t feel like you are going to have to be replacing product too often either!

The $85 Consultant Enrollment also includes your website fees for both a US and Canadian website (the countries where we operate – yes, this company is truly borderless) for a year (renewal for another year is just $50). This is also 1/3 of the cost of website fees with other companies, which is a steal for an instant international business. You also need to factor in that you’re leveraging IT, branding, marketing, inventory and supply chain systems, training etc etc that the company is completely funding. You’re essentially tapping into millions of dollars worth of business assets.

We provide you with a platform that is one of the most inexpensive and subsidized ways to pursue entrepreneurship – and compliment that with the most mission driven company in the industry with a high performing product solution – that is BRAND new on Canadian soil. This is the point in the conversation where you start picturing that “silver platter!”
The brilliant part of this investment is that you will be representing a brand of safe, high performing products that are personal essentials anyways – assuming you wash your hair and face, use lotions and cosmetics. Consider what you would spend on personal care products in a 3-6 month period and allocate that amount. Now consider that you COULD actually be writing these off as a business expense and the upside potential of that product investment! There’s no upside potential to keeping your relationship open with Sephora my friends. Now consider investing in product to start your business and so that you can personally speak to the performance of said product. I would actually recommend you dip into your social display product and test it out personally. Using the complete face regimens for 3-4 nights so that you can authentically speak to their performance and SELL them! You’ll also learn which combination works best for you!

We’ve had consultants who sold items on Kijiji or borrowed a few hundred dollars from family members to make it happen because they truly saw the opportunity for what it is. Beautycounter is growing fast and our team is driven to develop new Canadian markets. The sooner you join, the more piece of the pie can be yours and the greater the potential for that positive ROI 😉

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