Figuring out where your blocks are through books (self help & memoirs)

I think we need to stop, take a step back and examine what is not working in our lives. Take time to find the block or blocks.  Ask ourselves “Where is it that the flow has stopped?” or “Why is the flow not what it use to be?” From there we see the past, going through the steps we took and what happened when the change took place. What was it that occurred? Was it a mistake, a failure, trauma, a time when we were off or weak? [In these words I use loosely as I don’t believe in failure or weakness or even mistakes. I see everything that happens in our journey as a milestone, a learning experience, a process that was necessary in our evolution. But in this context I use these words to express my point.]

The hurdles in our path make us put up barricades to protect our emotions and allow us to carry on. Once this happens again and again we form blocks that are so deep that it’s hard to get unstuck. We can become numb or so use to acting a certain way to hide the pain and hurt that we are fake which forces us to atomically go through our days like a robot. Running from the pain, not dealing with it just pushing it down further and further, so the block is changing the course of our lives. We can get so far off our path until we get to the breaking point, that rock bottom. In my case it was illness; autoimmune disorders.

Being in these blocks is like drowning, we are pulled under then for a split second are above water able to gasp for air only to be pulled under again. In this pattern of ebb and flow our bodies become imbalanced which leads to a down hill spiral of negative events. These events are our path, they take us to where we are suppose to be and gets us to where we are intended to go. It’s the “work” we do in that pain that is mandatory to get us to the other side. To be free!
When we release all that takes us to that place of rock bottom we transition into a new person, we become that of which we were always suppose to be. That detour was the doing of psychology, the way in which the human brain works. The brains way of dealing with emotions, not wanting to be hurt or damaged and to suppress pain and the hurt that is taken on by the individual.

Every one of us is different, we can be in the exact same place experiencing the exact same thing/situation yet our experiences will be nothing alike. It’s the way our brains are wired, how we interpret the actions, words, expressions of others. We don’t think about how we are affecting others around us, in that we don’t know how our actions affect people. Psychology!

Here is a link to “THE WORK” with BYRON KATIE, everyone will take from resources what they need and leave the rest. This is how I live my life, I think we all do. But for me it’s not out of ignorance or a closed mind it’s simply the info in front of me was not meant for me at that time. When I need it, somehow it reenters my life, just at the right time…synchronicity! I moved mountains in my life by reading and learning from this brilliant women’s work. – LOVING WHAT IS

In 2013 I was extremely ill (ANEMIA) with undiagnosed Crohns; the culprit of my declining health. I had no idea how sick I was. I was in an unhealthy relationship with a couple of people in my life (along with other people in the background sabotaging the one relationship, truthfully, it surely didn’t need that to decline) and somehow it ALL was wearing on my health. (how to deal with toxic people)  You might want to google NARCISSIST too! Anyway….I was a new emptynester as well, as both my daughters moved out at the same time and I was all alone for the first time in 20 years. IN TWO F**KEN DECADES!!!!

So, there I was living alone in a basement apartment, unhappy in a unhealthy relationship, anemic for over a year at this point and my body was starting to waste away in that my lungs were shutting down, my muscles had started to waste, started to  lose body tissue and I was already extremely unbalanced (mind, body and soul). I was searching for ways to get back my balance and trying to figure out what was going on. The two doctors I had been going to were not helping me in anyway. And this is what I felt like….when things fall apart!

when thing fall apart

This is the first book I read once I realized I needed help to get through whatever it was I was going through. Now, I had never felt sadness or depression before but I was experiencing sadness and had no idea what this emotion was, if you can imagine. Yup, that’s right, I had experienced an incredible amount of death in my younger years but had never had this emotion before. Ends up is was ANEMIA! so the doctor said.

This book started it all….and I mean it ALL! This was the declining stage of my life and for the next five years progressively became worse, in different ways and has challenged me in ways I hope to NEVER be challenged again. EVER!!!!!!!!!! But this book gave me a different outlook, a change in my view of life and mindset. I needed this book as badly as I needed to end the relationship I was in. You should read it along with the other books and links I provide in this post. Who knows you may need one of these resources to help you on the road to healing!

NOW>>>>> These are books I read and go back to many many times. I may read a book or a page or a paragraph, sometimes a sentence then revisit it a year later and get something completely different out of it. That’s how it works for me. I hope that you find this post helpful to get to where you are searching to go!

Pema Chodron – Living Beautifully: with Uncertainty and Change was also an amazing book. She’s written 40 books so there is a lot for you to choose from.

Next was Elizabeth Gilbert, she is an amazingly talented writer, I aspire to be this type of writer. EAT PRAY LOVE, BIG MAGIC!

Then Gabriel Bernstein – I started meditation and was introduced to tapping. SPIRIT JUNKIE, ADD MORE ING TO YOUR LIFE, THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK. I can’t wait to read her new book JUDGEMENT DETOX!

And all the others who changed my life…

Wayne Dyer – an amazing life of work! SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS

Glennon Doyal Melton – LOVE WARRIOR


Kris Carr – meditation

All things HAY HOUSE Books, Radio

C.G Jung – SYNCHRONICITY – speakers (most of the ones I’ve listed here)


Eckhart Tolle – THE POWER OF NOW

The mind is a powerful thing! Be curious, be adventurous, be open minded, be KIND always. DO THE WORK, enjoy the journey of getting to your authentic self.

Enjoy your weekend friends.


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