Skin issues

Do you have dry skin, lips, rosacea, eczema?

The reason for these ailments are internal. Poor gut health and food sensitivities are the culprits. Optimal gut health and basic healthy diet choices can minimize or completely dissolve these issues.

The bodies way of telling you something is wrong in the inside is by showing on the outside. Underlying issues internally are the reason we suffer on the outside. The key is to figure out what the underlying issue is.  Sometimes it my be that your gut is not functioning properly. Gut health is THE most important factor in our lives but unfortunately is the first thing to be neglected. Poor gut function can show up in many different ways. We see it in all skin issues, hair loss, weight gain and loss, brain fog, tiredness, brittle nails and hair, acne and other skin issues. The list goes on and on.

Gut health is simple to correct and it starts with the foods you are eating. The dirty 12 and Clean 15


drinking plenty of water

getting rid of waste.

While we can’t avoid toxins all together, we can certainly limit the ones in our control such as in our personal care products, food supply, make up, household cleaning products, and furniture. Due to loose federal regulations on the body care industry, companies don’t have to disclose their sourcing, can hide scary ingredients under harmless looking words like “fragrance”, and may be more concerned about their bottom dollar than our precious health. These harmful ingredients are linked to cancer, behavioral disorders, Alzheimer’s, immune toxicity, allergies, asthma, eczema, early puberty, and hormonal disruption.

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