2018 The Year of Selflove

New year, new healthy ways! Taking a step back to examine what is not working in our lives is necessary to be able to move forward into an authentic life.  Take time to find the block, where is it that the flow has stopped or how the flow is not how it use to be. From there we see the past, going through the steps we took and what happened when the change took place. What was it that occurred? Was it a mistake, a failure, trauma, a time when we were off or weak? [In these words I use loosely as I don’t believe in failure or weakness or even mistakes. I see everything that happens in our journey as a milestone, a learning experience, a process that was necessary in our evolution. But in this context I use these words to express my point.]
The hurdles in our path make us put up barricades to protect our emotions and allow us to carry on. Once this happens again and again we form blocks that are so deep that it’s hard to get unstuck. We can become numb or use to acting a certain way to hide the pain and hurt that we are fake which forces us to atomically go through our days like a robot. Running from the pain, not dealing with it just pushing it down further and further, so the block is changing the course of our lives. We can get so far off our path until we get to the breaking point, that rock bottom, either addiction or illness.

Being in these blocks is like drowning, we are pulled under then for a split second are above water able to gasp for air only to be pulled under again. In this pattern of ebb and flow our bodies become imbalanced which leads to a down hill spiral of negative events.

When we release all that takes us to that place of rock bottom we transition into a new person, we become that of which we were always suppose to be. That detour was the doing of psychology, the way in which the human brain works. The brains way of dealing with emotions, not wanting to be hurt or damaged and to suppress pain and the hurt that is taken on by the reactions of the individual.  Assessing myself has been something I’ve done since I was a very young child, being sick all the time. When disease sets in the assessment of our bodies is always happening but I have taken a new approach as I am assessing all the time anyway I take note of my mind and soul as well. Does my soul feel nourished? Does my mind feel balanced?

Selfcare, selflove and keeping balanced are key words in my life now. Those words have become an everyday monitoring system to make sure I am happy and peaceful.  When issues arise I step back and ask: What is this trying to tell me? I think this is so important to assess the situation and yourself in these moments.

I am use to giving everything I have and not receiving anything in return. I catch myself doing this every so often now an when that happens I pull it right back in, as fast as it went out. Everyone is for themselves which I have never been, but I am now! When something arises in my life now I ask: What is this trying to tell me? I take a step back and do it all over again. Being still in the moment helps a great deal to get perspective. This is so for myself.

Happy new year & be well my friends.




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