Doing the work

I’m on my way! We have to do the work! We have to push through those obstacles no matter how long they are in our lives. The quote: the universe will keep giving you the same lesson until you learn it. Is so damn true. I wasn’t listening. I kept walking into the same situation. Abuse. Emotional abuse.

There is no blame. There are no mistakes. Those people are brought into your life to teach you something. Stop and let the lesson be heard. Ease into what we’ve been suppressing to let it rise up to the surface to become the lesson. Heal. Heal yourself and carry on. Strength is in you. Strength is the work. The work we have to do, its creating the person we are becoming.

The work takes time. It’s every minute of every day. Sometimes it feels like it will never get better. Most often it’s like a curse, like the perpetual motion you once had is gone and highly doubt it will ever return. Will this transformation be complete? Is this a thing? Is this what’s suppose to be happening? Is it ever going to end? Why is this happening?

Working at my life to get to this point has been incredible. I can say that now that I’m here. A year ago or even a couple of months ago it wasn’t incredible. It was painful, hard, complicated, confusing and defeating.

I still have uncertainty, but then again who doesn’t, at this point it’s not as damning. There’s no panic or doom to it. There seems to be a good possibility there is an end. That end is good. That end means the crisis has passed and I am out of the woods. That this crisis is almost behind me.

Stay Free.



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