Showing others healing is possible

Healing is possible

And by that I mean the human body heals itself, given time and the right environment. I healed Crohns by changing my lifestyle, food choices, mindset, and following an Ayurvedic way of life.  I avoided medicine and surgery.  You can too!

Its a frame of mind, the lifestyle you live, how much you think you are worth. It’s changing the food you eat. It’s the effort you put in to change, making changes in areas of your life that aren’t working.  It’s about how you were taught to take care of yourself. It’s reading and listening to your body. It’s having an open mind.

This is your health we are talking about! Becoming ill with an autoimmune disease is devastating. Prior to the diagnosis or the onset of symptoms it can be debilitating. (Prevention is another blog post.)

Take action and share your story. Tell others how you healed naturally. What it took to actually heal autoimmune disorders with out western medicine or surgery.

Most individuals don’t like “change”. Well, I’m here to tell you change is necessary.  It’s who you are changing for. Make changes for yourself, for your health, on your terms, at your pace. After all it is your life, your body and you have to live with the choices.

On this platform I show authenticity, openness, and a willingness to support anyone who needs it. 

What are you willing to do for your health?  Are you uninformed about alternative health care? Aren’t you worth taking care of yourself?  Healing is possible with a simple choice of changing the foods you consume.

Light, Love & Peace my friends

~Andrea xo


2 thoughts on “Showing others healing is possible

  1. Amen sista!! if I hadn’t seeked out a naturopath I would NOT be living a pretty kick ass life WITH colitis. to all of those out there that are a little bit skeptical, I can attest to it! …there IS healing and hope. xo

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