Awareness & Sharing Our Story

Awareness to me is sharing accurate information so that people can get answers to lead them in the right directions. With this, just like everything else I’ve noticed, has conflicting information which becomes confusing at a time you are already in a state of upset, anxiety, hopeless, helpless emotions. I want to change that. I want to share my story because it’s a different path I took to healing. In sharing my story I hope to spread the word to individuals who need it the most. Learning about and being aware of natural healing and natural remedies could be a lifestyle that saves you from more suffering, masking symptoms which ultimately allows your body to continue to be malnourished and unnecessary surgery.

I’m hoping to reach as many people as possible so that others can find a path of least resistance to avoid masking symptoms and avoid surgery.  In this journey I changed my lifestyle. Obviously, the way in which I was living my life was not working.

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