Human body heals itself

Front page news! The human body heals itself. Why have some western doctors forgotten this? Or is it something overlooked these days? The human body heals itself!  I want every individual all around the world who suffers from Crohns and Colitis to read my blog post so that the suffering can stop. STOP medicating symptoms and START allowing the body to heal on its own.

With time and care the human body heals itself. Allowing the body that is diseased with Crohns and Colitis to heal by limiting the foods ingested to items that do not cause inflammation since that is what is occurring, is common sense; is it not? Avoiding foods that cause irritation or foods that the gut has to work hard to digest should be reintroduced once the flare is in remission.

Allow the gut to heal

To allow the gut to heal, the individual has to avoid raw vegetables including lettuce and fruits like apples, pineapple, anything that has to be digested a lot; until healed, legumes, grains; including corn, refined sugar, hard to digest meat like red meat, pork. Limit to a variety of fish and some chicken. Drink a lot of bone broth made from meats that have not been given antibiotics or hormones and that have been grass fed. Being kind to your body by allow the gut to rest, so that it is not having to digest every day will give the gut a chance to heal, to recover and to get back on track with beneficial flora and bacteria it needs to function properly.

Prescription drugs don’t work

Once prescription drugs are used for the symptoms of Crohns and Colitis it only makes the disease worse. Antibiotics, steroids and chemotherapy are not the answers. If you look closely at the information on line it is clear that the patients taking these drugs are becoming sicker leading to surgery. Unnecessary surgery!

Natural healing

Looking at the individuals who are changing their lifestyle, opting for natural remedies and diet changes are healing on their own with NO surgery. Be kind to your body, don’t fall for the quick fix, it doesn’t help at all, it only makes things worse and it only masks symptoms. We need to heal IBD by using natural remedies to allow the body to heal on its own.

Homeopathy, biofeedback, changes in lifestyle and diet along with natural remedies saved my life and saved me from having surgery. Do the research, advocate for yourself and see how your life will change!

Peace ~ Andrea



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