One year and counting…

Its been a year of extreme ups and downs, progress and regression, confusion and insight, being lost and finding hope, and feeling uncertainty to getting back on my feet. There is GRACE in healing!

I started this blog one year ago today to help find clarity, certainty, hope, some sort of organization of my life, an outlet to share my story, to heal and to find myself.

Not counting OGL stats of visitors (829 in 2016) and views (1,972 in 2016) I have over 40 followers on this blog, over 300 followers on Instagram, 20 plus email subscribers and 30 plus followers on the One Gutsy Lady Facebook page.  That means, in one year, I have reached over 400 people combined on social media alone by educating them that….

  • you can successfully heal and find remission through holistic remedies
  • you can fight crohns and colitis without prescription medication
  •  you can fight crohns and colitis without surgery
  • lifestyle changes are necessary
  • diet does affect our healing
  • the body heals on its own
  • a homeopathic practitioner and biofeedback therapy saved my life and can save others as well
  • and much, much more!

I am grateful for the times of stress, anxiety and shear panic that I fought through.  The times of sadness and depression that brought me to my knees but I got back up. The changes that took place over time that needed to happen to shape my new lifestyle. The research I’ve gathered to get to this point of healing and optimal health.

Without these negatives followed by the positives I would not be the strong person I am today. I would not have the resources I have to get through the next flares. I wouldn’t be where I am in mind, body and soul. I wouldn’t be on my way to becoming a Homeopathic Practitioner and Biofeedback Therapist. I wouldn’t be here to help others who are looking to find a natural path to healing and optimal health.

I will continue to share my story in hopes of reaching hundreds more so they don’t have to suffer through masking symptoms with prescription drugs and enduring unnecessary surgery.  In hopes of educating hundreds more that it is possible to heal naturally….I’m living proof!

Light. Love. & Peace. ~Andrea

3 thoughts on “One year and counting…

  1. great, GREAT post! I share the exact same sentiments. My blog exists for a lot of the same reasons. there are WAY too many people suffering who haven’t been given all the information they need to heal.
    how long have you had IBD?

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