One year and counting…

Its been a year of extreme ups and downs, progress and regression, confusion and insight, being lost and finding hope, and feeling uncertainty to getting back on my feet. There is GRACE in healing!

I started this blog one year ago today to help find clarity, certainty, hope, some sort of organization of my life, an outlet to share my story, to heal and to find myself.

Not counting OGL stats of visitors (829 in 2016) and views (1,972 in 2016) I have over 40 followers on this blog, over 300 followers on Instagram, 20 plus email subscribers and 30 plus followers on the One Gutsy Lady Facebook page.  That means, in one year, I have reached over 400 people combined on social media alone by educating them that….

  • you can successfully heal and find remission through holistic remedies
  • you can fight crohns and colitis without prescription medication
  •  you can fight crohns and colitis without surgery
  • lifestyle changes are necessary
  • diet does affect our healing
  • the body heals on its own
  • a homeopathic practitioner and biofeedback therapy saved my life and can save others as well
  • and much, much more!

I am grateful for the times of stress, anxiety and shear panic that I fought through.  The times of sadness and depression that brought me to my knees but I got back up. The changes that took place over time that needed to happen to shape my new lifestyle. The research I’ve gathered to get to this point of healing and optimal health.

Without these negatives followed by the positives I would not be the strong person I am today. I would not have the resources I have to get through the next flares. I wouldn’t be where I am in mind, body and soul. I wouldn’t be on my way to becoming a Homeopathic Practitioner and Biofeedback Therapist. I wouldn’t be here to help others who are looking to find a natural path to healing and optimal health.

I will continue to share my story in hopes of reaching hundreds more so they don’t have to suffer through masking symptoms with prescription drugs and enduring unnecessary surgery.  In hopes of educating hundreds more that it is possible to heal naturally….I’m living proof!

Light. Love. & Peace. ~Andrea


Types of Crohn’s Disease & Remission

What are the five types of Crohn’s disease?

The five types of Crohn’s disease and their symptoms are:

  • Ileocolitis: Ileocolitis is the most common type of Crohn’s disease. It affects the small intestine, known as the ileum, and the colon. People who have ileocolitis experience considerable weight loss, diarrhea, and cramping or pain in the middle or lower right part of the abdomen.
  • Ileitis: This type of Crohn’s disease affects the ileum. Symptoms are the same as those for ileocolitis. In addition, fistulas, or inflammatory abscesses, may form in the lower right section of the abdomen.
  • Gastroduodenal Crohn’s disease: This form of Crohn’s disease involves the stomach and duodenum, which is the first part of the small intestine. People with this type of Crohn’s disease suffer nausea, weight loss, and loss of appetite. In addition, if the narrow segments of bowel are obstructed, they experience vomiting.
  • Jejunoileitis: This form of the disease affects the jejunum, which is the upper half of the small intestine. It causes areas of inflammation. Symptoms include cramps after meals, the formation of fistulas, diarrhea, and abdominal pain that can become intense.
  • Crohn’s (granulomatous) colitis: This form of Crohn’s disease involves only the colon. Symptoms include skin lesions, joint pains, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, and the formation of ulcers, fistulas, and abscesses around the anus.

There can be overlap between these types of Crohn’s disease. Some people have more than one area of the digestive tract that is affected.

Source: WEBMD

Now that you know how Crohns affects the body you can understand remission easier.

The stages or types of Remission:

Remission is possible for people living with Crohn’s disease. But there are different types of remission. The three different levels of remission are:

  1. Clinical remission is when symptoms are no longer present in a patient.
  2. Endoscopic remission, also known as mucosal healing, is when the bowels themselves are healed and reveal no active disease after testing.
  3. Deep remission is when both the tissue and bowels are healed and symptoms are no longer present. This is the goal for all Crohn’s patients.

Peace ~Andrea

Beneficial Body Detox/Cleanse

Detox? What is a detox or cleanse? I had never done a detox before but at this point I was curious and ready to try it out if it was going to help me feel better. I had read in magazines that had images of women in their pink or trendy workout clothes talking about doing a cleanse or a detox through the use of food and other forms like smoothies, along with drinking lots of water with cucumber or lemon in it because it was so refreshing.  The representation of what was advertised was for the girly girl type who follow and fall for that fake “look what you can look like if you….”. I thought “Wow, that is crazy! I could never do that nor would I want to.” I am far from a girly girl and I thought that this fell under such a category.

Boy, was I wrong.

The detox I am doing right now is Phyto Drainol which is a tincture that I mix with warm water and drink before each meal.  It is to cleanse the bowel, kidneys and liver of toxins.

Body detoxing and cleanses can be dangerous, so make sure you are under practitioner care before you start.  It is important to cleanse your colon first before attempting a detox because…

Holistic detoxification

The holistic detoxification process must be systematic because of the inter-dependence of the organ systems. For instance, the liver is the major organ of detoxification and breaks down metabolic waste and environmental toxins. It then sends most of the water-soluble waste to the kidneys and the fat-soluble waste to the intestines to be eliminated (via the bile/gallbladder).

Therefore, doing a liver detox or gallbladder flush without first cleansing the colon and kidneys is like trying to flush a big load down a clogged toilet. Many of the toxins would be reabsorbed from the intestines and the kidneys could also be over-burdened.

The definition of a toxin is any compound that has an adverse effect on cell function or structure and includes:

  • Heavy metals: Lead, mercury, and aluminum tend to accumulate in the brain, immune system, and kidneys.
  • Liver toxicants: Drugs, alcohol, toxic chemicals, pesticides, and food additives can cause serious liver damage from constant exposure.
  • Microbial toxins: Absorbed toxins caused by bacteria and yeast in the intestines can significantly disrupt body functions.
  • Breakdown products of protein metabolism, such as urea and ammonia, can put a burden on the kidneys after excessive protein intake.

When Should You NOT Begin a Holistic Detoxification Program?

  • You should not detox while you are pregnant or nursing, but a colon cleanse and detoxification program prior to pregnancy is an excellent way to cleanse and prepare your body before you get pregnant.
  • A holistic detoxification program is a very effective modality for maintaining or regaining health, but it should NOT be one the first things you do when you’re sick. If you’re extremely run down, emaciated, or your immune system is seriously compromised, you may feel even more ill if your body is overwhelmed while processing the elimination of toxins.Detoxification will certainly be very beneficial, but if you choose to do a detox program under these circumstances, please make sure you’re monitored by a qualified licensed health professional.

Action Steps:

As you begin a detox program, be sure you…

  1. Drink adequate purified water to help your body flush toxins.
  2. Have started or recently completed a colon-parasite cleanse, including candida detoxification.
  3. Eat healthy food, including fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and some whole grains.
  4. Eliminate harmful food and substances such as sugar, alcohol, non-prescription and recreational drugs, or anything else that may put an additional burden on your liver and kidneys.
  5. Exercise moderately to improve blood and lymph circulation and promote easier toxin elimination.
  6. Support the organs of detoxification such as the liver, skin, and kidneys.
  7. Use multi-nutrient supplements to nourish and support your whole body during the colon and detoxification cleansing.


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