Balancing Life: Self Care

Welcome to One Gutsy Lady! The mind, body and soul are all connected, if one is out of balance everything is out of balance. By learning how to keep your body balanced you can avoid illness and disease or if you are like me suffering from autoimmune diseases you can heal and maintain balance through living a holistic lifestyle.

I avoided western medicine and surgery by learning how my body works, how I deal with life, how to read my body and listen to what it is telling me all through biofeedback and a homeopathic practitioner. Not one time did I resort to prescription drugs for Crohn’s or Colitis, doctors were not able to help me when I was so severely anemic that I finally found help with homeopathy.

Balance Life

I originally called this blog “Balance Life” because my body was out of balance and that is why I was incredibly ill.  Not only was anemia, crohns, and colitis wreaking havoc on my body but my entire being was not in balance.  In the first months after a diagnosis I could finally figure out what to do and what not to do to find balance and healing.  On the long journey to find balance I learned so much about the human body, autoimmune diseases and how to live a holistic lifestyle.

One of the many reasons I ended up so ill was that I always pushed past the pain, exhaustion, feeling ill, warn down feeling for far too long that I was not only physically ill but emotionally as well. I had to take time off work to regain my heath so that my body could learn to function again properly on its own. I’m so glad I did even though everyone around me thought it was unnecessary. I see the difference in the way my body is slowly relearning to function that I realize it was for my best interest. I guess sometimes you have to be your own advocate.

Listening to your body

In the past I didn’t take time for myself or listen to my body and I knew that is where I needed to start. I have learned through this process that the balancing of life is tricky and it takes time, patients with yourself and constant monitoring. Since I can remember I have felt like I had to compensate. Not just every day but every minute of every day, that in itself is exhausting.  Working through chronic pain each day having  fibromyalgia, is one thing now add anemia, graves, crohns and colitis to that mix and we are taking about struggling to function every day!

Invisible Illness

People see me and have no idea I struggle, no idea I have three autoimmune diseases and iron deficiency anemia. I walk, talk, act, and look healthy on the outside but I am far from healthy on the inside. Once I got my gut almost healed and I wasn’t sleeping the majority of the day I found I had energy and time to do something and figured it was time to pamper myself! I didn’t know where to start. I found information online along with visiting the local library where I found magazines and videos about yoga, meditation for good health and knew this was a good start in managing stress and sleep, tone muscles and stay active, among other benefits.

Balance has much less to do with what’s going on around us, than it does with what’s going on within us.  Edie Melson

Self Care

Health – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health requires knowledge, understanding and effort to maintain.

Three aspects of self care: Physical health, spiritual health and emotional health

Breaking down self care to make it manageable:

MIND: Emotional health is about being happy, self-confident, self-aware, and resilient. People who are emotionally healthy are able to cope with life’s challenges and recover from setbacks. Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.

BODY: Physical health is the soundness of the body, freedom from disease or abnormality, and the condition of optimal well-being. It is when the body is functioning as it was designed to function.

SOUL: Spiritual health is your beliefs, values, beliefs, principles, and morals define your spirituality. If you are a person engaged in the process of spiritual wellness, you are willing and able to transcend yourself in order to question the meaning and purpose in your life and the lives of others.

Find your happy places

I enjoy reading or watching a fluffy movie or tv series to escape reality. It’s nice to let your brain forget and live somewhere nice and relaxing for awhile.  I love to walk it makes me relax, helps maintain my weight, the rhythm and pace help me think and work through issues, from the day or something that is bothering me. Figure out what you like to do first. Just because certain people jog doesn’t mean it’s for you. I do not enjoy hardcore exercise so I find other ways to get a workout that I actually enjoy doing or I won’t do it at all. Yoga helps to center and align my thoughts and my world to make it manageable. I notice when I am out of balance. If I have not zoned out of reality and submerged myself into a dream or meditative state I find time right away to get back into balance again.

Balance Life….in mind, body & soul


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