Finding opportunity in adversity

When adversity hits it is hard to know how you will react, how you will handle the situation or what you will do with what is in front of you.  No one  is ever prepared! I believe that everything happens for a reason. There is a purpose in all situations, people and life stuggles each person encounters to learn from and to change.

Some people ignore the signs, others realize that there is more to the adversity than the circumstance.  They acknowledge that there is a purpose and take action by learning from and changing to become a better person.  Finding opportunity in what has been handed to you can be hard but it can also be very liberating.

For me having no control over my body or my life was scary, it was a huge blow to my perfectionism, my type A personality and to my ego.  It woke me up and made me realize I was unhappy in the relationship I was in so, I changed that. I had people in my life that I didn’t want around me because they brought me down and sucked all my good energy so, I changed that. As I discarded these negative aspects from my life I could see that there were so many other aspects of my life I hated so, I changed those things too!

In time I changed. I became who I was always suppose to be. I learned about what I like and don’t like, what type of people I want to surround myself with.  What type of job, career and business I want have and what direction I want my life to go.  In adversity I chose to learn and change!  I’m well on my way and it feels great.

In the process of healing I searched and researched to help me in my healing process and that brought me to having an interest in holistic health.  It came naturally to me so I continued absorbing knowledge from all sources which lead me to realize I wanted to educate others and help individuals heal in a natural, graceful and peaceful way just like I have done over the last twenty two months.

My adversity eventually took me to a good place, unfortunately I had to suffer a great deal and struggle more than I would like but it brought me to this place of peace, happiness and contentment.  I’m so excited to start the Homeopathic Practioner courses next month and I can’t wait to see what else the future will bring.

Hope, peace and love ~ Andrea



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