Holistic Healing Modalities

Looking into holistic healing came when I first visited my homeopathic doctor using biofeedback and as they say the rest is history! I love how holistic health has changed me, my life and how I have adapted it as a new lifestyle. I can’t say enough good things about holistic health and it’s benefits. I have only tried a handful of the modalities so far which I list below.

  • Ayurveda
  • Biofeedback
  • Breath Work
  • Chakras
  • Crystal Healing

There are many more holistic healing modalities to consider. Here is a link of a list and description for each type.

Walking out of the western medical doctors office back in January 2015 with a feeling of absolute despair was the turning point that changed my life for the good permanently. Finding my way into the holistic world of healing and adapt the lifestyle saved my life!

There are ways to heal crohns and colitis and other diseases to avoid prescription drugs and surgery I’ve proven this over the past 32 months. It’s been a long road but worth the changes to my life because now I am happier, healthier and hopeful person.

Hope, peace & love ~Andrea

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