Finding your place after illness

In 21 months I ended a 3 year toxic relationship, removed people out of my life that were negative, quit my job, relocated, and moved into a new home.  I have been searching for a new job, getting ready to go back to school and I am in the process of opening a tree farm business.  All of these are all on the go, in motion, and going to happen….stay tuned!!

I shouldn’t forget to mention adapted to living a different lifestyle, learned more about myself than I thought possible, healed crohns and colitis, and many other ailments, recovering and working hard getting back on my feet so I can start living a normal life again.

Rebuilding a life after illness is not an easy task! Staying balanced so that I don’t have a set back is complex. I have to stay centered, routine can’t faulter, planning and scheduling is important to keep my life in balance while many aspects are changing.

The Huffington Post: How to repair your life after a flare-up 

I’m starting all over again….again! It takes hard work, perseverance, persistence, positive attitude, determination, and I did it all on my own. In the healing process my homeopathic practitioner has been a great help in many ways for that one hour each month that goes above and beyond what she offers in her practice.  I keep her words with me until the next visit which gets me through more times than I can count.  Each visit has been transforming, learning, laughing, relaxing and becoming friends.

Finding your place after illness has one major aspect that screams at you repeatedly and that is to take it one step at a time. I keep saying to myself slow and steady. It’s so much more than getting back into a life. It’s getting your physical body back on track, building muscle, stamina, getting back into a routine.  None of which just happens it’s a struggle, it’s hard work and because I am not fully recovered yet I don’t have the energy to muster most days of the week to accomplish much but I try as hard as I can to check something off my list each day.

Living with chronical illness – Chris Kresser

The hardest time was when I was not seeing any results but once I could see measurable progression I had something tangible to hold on to and that has carried me through and has given me hope. The struggle is real, it’s concrete, but in small steps it’s manageable and in time doable. I can’t believe how long it has taken me to get this far. I have to admit I’m working at this through what they call brain fog, a bit of a haze but I’m going to get there and that moment my life shifts, look out world, you haven’t seen anything yet!

As you find your place back in your life it will be a different life, your old life will not suit your new life. Severe illness changes a person, you will find your interests and priorities change, you will look back and see that most of your past you were running on autopilot, that you were making life decisions based on other people and that you didn’t know what was important to you until  you found yourself not in control.

The ones closest to me will notice a change in me and the way I live my life, my transformation is noticeable, and it was necessary but I am still unsure why and for what purpose I had to go through all this, although I’m sure I will figure it out soon.  In some ways I feel it happened for a reason….maybe even a number of reasons.

I feel for everyone who has to start over and find their place in this big old world after any kind of illness, I know what you are going through and I wish you luck, patients, health and happiness. Find the building blocks that you need to make finding your place back in the real world a graceful and beautiful success! Keep going! You got this!

What building block(s) do you use to help find your place after illess?

Peace, hope & love ~Andrea

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