Understanding resistance

Resistance comes in many forms for different reasons and situations. When I told people about my condition and how it affected my life and the future they resisted me, they resisted my words and they resisted the facts. This confused me and set me off thinking they were not on my side, rather against me, not wanting to accept what I was telling them, what I was going through or how my conditions were affecting my life.

Then one day it came to me, a single word; change.

They didn’t want to accept that I was changing, had changed and would possibly stay changed. Change scares people, it causes fear and people feel threatened so the reaction to fear is to avoid. The reactions of some people in my life shocked me in that they acted like I was faking, exaggerating, that my choices were not validated, that what I was going through was nothing compared to what they were going through or that I should be over it by now. They would shrug off what I was saying as not important with silence. When someone responds with silence to an important topic, circumstance or situation it means they are in disagreement. I had no energy to care about any of this until February when I started One Gutsy Lady blog.

The definition of ignorance is lack of knowledge or information. So, I decided that I needed to educate people about autoimmune diseases, incurable diseases, invisible diseases that are debilitating. How food can work as poisons or medicines in the body of healthy and ill people. How a change in lifestyle and mind set is mandatory when diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. The lifestyle changes I am referring to are homeopathy, biofeedback, holistic medicine and diet change because all of these were so far out in left field that I got looks like I was an alien and the language I was speaking was completely foreign. How the mind/gut connection works and all the other aspects of life that are affected.

Crohns and Colitis are invisible illnesses I may look healthy and functioning on the outside but that is far from the case when I’m in a flare, healing and recovering. It really is a process and it takes time. Having compassion, understanding and support are the three key factors needed when someone is going through a struggle in their life. Once educated whether it was through words and/or visually seeing the havoc the diseases were taking on my body I can say for some it finally sunk in!

Love, peace & hope ~Andrea

PC – Life After Crohns

2 thoughts on “Understanding resistance

  1. Excellent bog. As a recently diagnosed person, I am just beginning to share the reasons for my fatigue and selective food choices. When I do try to explain what is happening to me with my family, I am experiencing resistance. So thank you.

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