Let the tears fall

I am not a crier, never have been! I am a strong person in mind as I reason and work through obstacles in a mental capacity rather than in an emotional way, but sometimes I need a good cry which always makes me feel better.  It’s always after long periods of time when I hold things in and I just can’t take one more thing! I use to think crying showed weakness and was a form of feeling sorry for yourself but after this flare bringing me to my knees and almost taking my life I have learned that to cry is healthy! I’m talking about crying because things feel like they are falling apart, because you had a horrible week of ups and downs, because week after week, month after month nothing seems to be going right no matter how hard you try kinda of cry!

Emotional and reasoning balance

Emotions can take over but if the mind is trained to use thought over emotion it makes you a stronger person in mind, body and soul. Crying is the transformation of distress into something tangible, and that the process itself helps to reduce the feeling of trauma. Having balance of a trained mind to reason and think things through to eliminate the severity, stress or the root cause is crucial. Knowing when to cry and allowing it to happen freely is important too.

Having a good cry helps you feel better. A study performed at the University of Florida found that crying is more effective than any antidepressant on the market. A good cry improved the mood of 88.8% of weepers with only 8.4% reporting that crying made them feel worse.

Releasing your tears helps to flush out toxins

Crying is cleansing. Tears that are provoked by stress help your body rid itself of nasty chemicals that raise cortisol. Have you ever felt sad for no reason? Emotions aren’t always logical. Letting the tears fall can help you find the reason behind your state of mind. And when you’re aware of the problem that requires your attention, you’ll be free to find a solution. Sometimes shedding tears helps bring back perspective, it’s simply the release that you need to regain reasoning.

From the Huffington Post article, “Stress Relief: Why Crying Supports Emotional Wellness

Crying helps you come to terms with a grieving. Grieving the loss of someone special, your job, your house or your health are all devastating and affect your whole life. In situations like these, words don’t suffice. Sometimes the only thing you can do is let the tears fall.




The power of positive thinking

Positive thinking can come in many forms; surrounding yourself with positive people, thinking positive thoughts and seeking positive triggers, will in turn help you be positive. I find my positive triggers come from beautiful things in nature, inspirational books, music that suits my mood, colour in all forms especially nature, fabric, painting, colouring, drawing and noticing the sights, sounds and smells of nature. I am a thing seeker not a people seeker.

Think your way to happiness

What you think you will create. What you think will manifest. Happiness that is real and long lasting comes from contentment and strength of mind. The true nature of our minds is to be at peace. Training our brains to let go of worry, negative thoughts and stress will aid in healing illness much quicker. The strength of the brain is in your hands, what you choose to allow to dominate your thoughts is your choice. We sink into patterns, routine and habits that take over but the power to change that is possible and quite easily attainable. External situations cannot overpower our inner wisdom and by viewing emotions as neither good nor bad we accept and welcome them by guiding them with our minds.

Vision Board

The Huffington Post has an amazing article on VISION BOARDS and the science behind it. I do this a couple of times a year in a journal, as my tastes, dreams and ideas change throughout the year. A great resource for a vision board is Pinterest.

Here is my online Pinterst vision board that I worked on along with this blog and other ideas throughout this past flare. During these days I wanted to make myself feel accomplished even though I couldn’t do much. Once I got past the all day sleeping I decided that I could use my brain and hands…away I went to create so that I had something tangible once I was back to myself. I could tell it was going to be a long haul!

The Healing Power of Mind by Tulku Thondup is a great book for health and well-being. He talks about healing energizes and visualizing light when you have hit bottom and can`t seem to find a way out of it. He has many healing meditations to explore too.

Positive thinking is a lifestyle

Positive thinking is a way of life! It is an attitude! With a positive attitude we experience pleasant and happy feelings. This brings brightness to the eyes, more energy to the body, and happiness into the heart. Our whole being broadcasts good will, happiness and success. Even our health is affected in a beneficial way. We walk tall, our voice is more powerful, and our body language shows the way we feel.

Affirmations for positive thinking

Fill your mind with positive thinking and a positive attitude.

Positive thinking, an optimistic mind and a positive attitude leads to better health, a longer life and greater success.

Getting rid of the negative thinking and directing your mind and subconscious mind to be positive and optimistic is a lot easier than you think – you just have to persistent and work at it regularly. But it pays off.

Begin to create and maintain a positive attitude.

Train your mind to focus on positive aspects of your life.

Create positive beliefs that not only allow you to succeed – they also make you feel better.

To develop an optimistic and positive mind and subconscious mind start changing your beliefs and the way you see things.

Focus on how things can get better.

Believe that you can succeed.

The changes begin when your subconscious mind begins to pick up the new belief system. It then begins to guide you to the situations, and opportunities to help you achieve your goals and improve your health. At the same time you begin to calm the mind and the subconscious begins to calm the body leading to better health.

When your mind begins to automatically focus on what you want and stops being negative you will begin to see dramatic changes.

Remove limiting beliefs.

Focus on what you want.

Where do you find your positive vibes or triggers?

Something you didn’t know about me: My favourite flower is the Chrysanthemum especially the orange and red; the darker the better. Appropriately, the meme I created for my feature image for this week’s post is a crimson mum! Fall is in full swing and I can’t wait to show you what I will be up to in the kitchen next month.

Stay tuned for Friday’s blog post. I write about letting the tears fall; it’s actually good for your health to cry.

Love, peace & hope


Welcoming fall

Although it`s felt like fall most days here in the foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains for the past couple of weeks I am posting this on the first day of fall to welcome it in. Fall is my favourite season. The harvest brings the best foods and I love the colours, the warmth of spices called for in typical fall recipes and all the comfort foods this season has to offer. I want to share with you my favourites of the season.

Since I have been very sick for so long this time around and living in my RV since June 30th of last year I am just getting to the point of functioning normally in the past couple of weeks and haven’t been able to cook and bake in the capacity that I would like to. I found a new home and move in day is October 8th. I plan to post my own recipes as well now that I will have the mind space, energy and a normal functional kitchen. But for this post I wanted to share with you Against All Grains Fall Creations that I have made and enjoy thoroughly!

My Favourites of the Season

Some of my favourite fall things: Pumpkin puree, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin custard, pumpkin spiced tea and the list goes on….

jan feb 2016 279


Apples, apple pie, apple sauce, apple crisp and apple cider. And these are seriously the best waffles ever! Waffles are my favourite breakfast and when I found this recipe with the apple topping I made it for a couple of month’s straight and I will always love it.




Thanksgiving Celebration & Thanksgiving breakfast ideas. Extras from Danielle Walker.

I was busy on Monday and Tuesday this week cooking and baking and I ended up making the World Famous Bread pg 226, Homemade Almond Milk pg 314, Butternut Squash Soup pg 94, and another batch of applesauce pg 208. All of these recipes you can find in Against All Grain Cookbook (the first one). This book is amazing for getting started in the kitchen when you first transition to paleo. It was and still is a life saver for me. I cook and bake from this cookbook three times a week at least.



The harvest moon which was on September 16th this year. I have to start getting my evening walks in earlier now.


Long walks in the fallen leaves and nothing is better than the smell of fall. I spent a beautiful warm sunny day at McLeod River in Marlboro last Friday. Check out my Instagram account to see more of my daily life.


Couldn’t help drive up the road a bit to see the mountains.



Captured this beauty after a rain.img_8706-2


Happy Fall Everyone ~Andrea

Alkaline foods for a balanced lifestyle

What are Alkaline Foods?

An alkaline diet emphasizes alkaline foods such as whole fruits and vegetables and certain whole grains, which are low in caloric density. Healthy Alkaline Diet Foods involve the ideal balance between acidifying and alkalizing foods.

The body includes a number of organ systems that are adept at neutralizing and eliminating excess acid, but there is a limit to how much acid even a healthy body can cope with effectively. The body is capable of maintaining an acid-alkaline balance provided that the organs are functioning properly, that a well-balanced alkaline diet is being consumed, and that other acid-producing factors are avoided.


Here is a list of high Alkaline Foods: Examples of Alkalining Vegetables: Beets, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Lettuce, Onions, Peas, Peppers, Spinach

Examples of Alkalizing Fruits: Apple, Banana, Berries, Cantaloupe, Grapes, Melon, Lemon, Orange, Peach, Pear, Watermelon

Alkalizing Protein: Almonds, Chestnuts, Tofu

Alkalizing Spices: Cinnamon, Curry, Ginger, Mustard, Sea Salt

Here is a link with a list of Alkaline Foods and important information to go along with each one.

Danielle Walker from Against All Grain has three cookbooks, an app, and tons of recipes on her website that are a great balance of alkaline and acidic foods. Majority are alkaline which is why she is having such success with her recipes. The whole30 is another great source for a balance lifestyle. I eat the way these two women cook and eat.