Turning points in healing

I notice a change in my healing process after many months of no tangible measurement, but when I do notice an improvement it is a monumental feat!  I see the change in my body because I am recovering from my organs shutting down and now relearning to function. I changed my diet, began seeing a homeopathic doctor, relying on biofeedback and taking holistic medicine to regain my health and get my life back!

Time line…..

2014 ~ Dangerously anemic for more than a year with no colonoscopy ordered, my body had started shutting down – lungs; should have been in hospital on oxygen, blood; should have had blood transfusion and iron drip. The underlying issues of IBD caused my stomach, intestines not to absorb nutrients at all, colon and bowel to shut down and because of the lack of oxygen being transported throughout my body because I was anemic which is also caused by IBD my skin, lungs, muscle wasting, tissue, liver, GI track, kidneys, bladder and bowels had shut down. It was a struggle to think, to function. It was a wonder I was still alive. Everything in my body was including all my hormones were unbalanced. All I wanted to do was sleep but I couldn’t as I was a human being in a world of healthy people who judged me, had expectations of me even though they knew I was sick with anemia, I had to work to make money to pay bills, eat, have a roof over my head…to live.

On my first visit to the homeopathic doctor, biofeedback revealed I had zero vitamins or minerals in my body. Did you know that you need the mineral calcium for your heart to pump?

January 16 2015 ~ First visit to homeopathic doctor using biofeedback, holistic medicine and small changes in diet as I was learning about what was going on with my body. I had hit rock bottom, didn’t know what else to do, desperate, fearing for my life and a gut feeling I didn’t have much time left.

August 29 2015 ~ Noticing a difference in energy, daily activity recovery time has improved slightly and what I can and can’t eat has changed to become more limited. The pro/prebiotics Silverlining are making a difference in a big way. Feeling like I’m finally on my way to good health. As my digestion is slowly returning to normal, which it still hasn’t 19 months later, I am losing the layer of fat my body stored as my body shut down. My body actually took on a different shape over the last couple of years as anemia and IBD were wreaking havoc. As time passed and there were no answers, no help, no support, and no one was ordering the right tests according to my symptoms. My body was giving me hints but I didn’t know where to find the help I needed.

I posted the feature picture on FB feeling better as my anemia was under control, my GI infection was gone but the underlying issues still persisted!


I posted this on FB one year ago today!

November 19 2015 ~ As weird as it may seem I look good in the picture above you wouldn’t think I was ill. The underlying issues have presented themselves with a vengeance. By the end of October I knew there was something more than anemia and digestion issues. I realized I had felt this way many times before in my life. Unbeknownst to me for decades I had had IBD. Autoimmune diseases are invisible. Since December all I want to do is sleep! I was very weak and extremely exhausted.

February 24 2016 ~ The day I started this blog I again felt like I was getting somewhere after a setback when diagnosed with CD & UC in November 2015. As my digestion is getting back on track my diseases really came to the forefront yelling and screaming at me in every way imaginable! As my GI track began to get clean my symptoms became more aggressive. Shutting my body down to the point I was unable to function. Extreme weakness, exhaustion just from making a meal or getting ready or going to the grocery store. Healthy people don’t understand because their recovery time is a rest or a night’s sleep. Not for me, I was sleeping 14 hours every night without waking up, getting up to eat breakfast and having to return to bed to find myself waking up 4 hours later because I couldn’t stay awake!

August 29 2016 ~ Crohns and Colitis are in remission I am still healing and starting to recover. I still have to eat the same way but I am able to add in a few items excluded while in a flare. I am taking vitamins and minerals since the 19th of this month and I can see the results already in the tissue repair in my muscles, skin, and other areas. The reason I put other areas is because I notice the difference in my bra size the most as I am a double D but lost so much tissue that I couldn`t fit into a C cup and I refused to even try on a B cup knowing that was impossible and something had to change. This was in 2013.

I’m getting there! I`ve learned a great deal about the mind/body connection. There are a few things I know for sure….I will never take antibiotics again, I will listen to my body always, and I will not allow others to interfere in my life. I have learned so much about myself, autoimmune diseases, other people, what I want and don’t want, life, losing control over my body, and how things work in this crazy messed up world over the past 19 months that I have finally become my authentic self! I have to say it’s a really great place to be!

In the past 19 months I completed a business plan for a tree farm I am going to start in the next couple of months, I launched this blog and have started writing a book, who knows maybe someday it will get published; only time will tell and I have lots of that on my side.

Love, peace & hope


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