Celebrating 6 months

There is always something to celebrate so why not the 6th month anniversary of my blog One Gutsy Lady! It started out balancelife2016 but then I could see it was forming into more so I changed to something with a little humour and a play on words. I still have balance as the theme because we all need balance and I lost all balance in my life and within my body, I have desperately searched and researched to find balance and I have finally arrived.

I chose a path of self healing through homeopathy, holistic medicine, biofeedback and diet change to avoid prescription drugs and surgery which makes me gutsy!

Going against the grain sort of speak and avoiding western medicine in shear fear of how prescription drugs for other illness in the past had negatively reacted on my body, the horrible stories I heard and read about along with knowing I needed more than a quick fix lead me to biofeedback and holistic medicine. I needed to get to the root of my health issues, I needed to get to the bottom of the ups and downs I had struggled with since I was 9 years old. I needed a complete health overhaul and I could feel that my time was running out.

Celebrating Life

Today is actually a celebration of life, love and harmony! Here I am in remission feeling better than I think I have for many many years and loving life. To think I was dying a year and a half ago, but with a homeopathic doctor, biofeedback, holistic medicine and a change in diet I survived and I am thriving! It’s been a very long road one that I know I will never take again because I have learned how to balance my life in mind, body and soul making my new found lifestyle permanent. Staying on this path is going to be a piece of paleo cake!

Celebrating Love

I am grateful for the love I found within myself over the past couple of years, with years of neglecting myself mind, body and soul I sure paid the consequences. I look back and see that I let people sabotage my life and in allowing it to happen my health suffered. But no more, I’ve got this down, I have control over me and no one will ever intrude in my world again. I know how I work, I know what went wrong, and I know how to never let any of it happen again.

Celebrating Harmony

Feeling harmony in my life again is so amazing! I didn’t think I was going to get to this point. I don’t know if it’s solely because I’m in my 40’s or solely dealing with the health issues I’ve had or maybe a combo but I know that I am content in my life, I’m happy right where I am, doing exactly what I’m doing. I have what I have, and I’m where I am because this is the way it’s suppose to be. I know where I’m heading and it looks magnificent. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason.

Health update

This past Thursday was my 18th homeopathy appointment in a 20 month period, at this point of my healing I was finally put on vitamins and minerals which means I’m on the healing home stretch.  The next best thing to that is……drum roll please…..I get to skip next month because I am closer to being completely balanced throughout my entire body that I don’t need the monthly monitoring or changes to be made so often. Like I’ve said in my other posts crohns and colitis are in full remission, my gut is working better meaning digesting better and everything is aligning the way it’s suppose to. Keeping up with the changes I have made on a daily bases is important in so many areas of my life. Sticking to the diet changes, walking, meditating, yoga, being mindful, getting 9-10 hours of sleep every night, practicing the concept of my vata dosha, using the crystals I need to unblock my chakras, staying positive and being grateful are all the ways I have altered my lifestyle to better myself and to aid in optimal health.



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