Positive self-talk

Being conscious of how you talk to yourself is not a usual thing to think about. How you treat yourself is how others will treat you. How you let others treat you is possibly how you treat yourself. Positive self-talk is a key factor to your health! We have internal conversations with ourselves hourly on a daily bases; being kind to ourselves is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

Focus on what that internal voice is saying throughout the day, are there more negative comments and conversations than positive ones? Looking at each scenario that plays out in the day and exam what response you have in all settings for example when you first wake up in the morning, social settings, concentrate on your actions, voice or view, and the response you get from others in the group you are participating in.

Self-talk can be negative because of the people who are in your life, the stressors in your daily activities, and the life you have built is not working some how and needs to be altered to work for you. Instead of thinking how you don’t want your life to be or what you don’t want in your life, start thinking about how you want your life to be and what you do want in your life. It’s all in the mind set y’all! Take charge!

Negative self-talk does in fact cause stress and anxiety, the stress will build throughout the day and by the end of the day you are a big mess of feeling self-conscious, doom and gloom and lack of confidence. Talking yourself down, second guessing yourself and viewing changes as negative are all sabotaging. Free your mind by changing your habits of self-talk.

Turn it around by responding with positive and constructive thoughts this way you will be inspired and in turn will give you confidence. In practicing positive self-talk it will become habit forming which is freeing, liberating and it will not only affect you, it will spread to the people around you. It’s a win win! Practice positive self-talk with these fun and easy ideas.

Take a positive step in your future



Featured image ~ Wildflower taken by Tessa MacInnes

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