How I found balance through biofeedback

Hello Everyone!

I want to share with you how biofeedback saved my life and how it has taught me about myself and my body. Feeling imbalance is the worst especially when you don’t know what to do, where to start or how to find help. This is what happen to me and I was desperate because I knew my body was shutting down and the doctor was not helping me over the couple of years I was seeking western medicine. It got to the point that I was plummeting hard and fast. I should have been in the hospital on iron drip and oxygen but I trusted the doctor and kept doing what he said to do.

Ultimately that voice was telling me to take control of my life and health!


Enter homeopathy, Sho-Tai and biofeedback! The biofeedback machine goes beyond that of homeopathy in that it scans your entire body and points out the areas there are issues. It works on muscle testing and gives feedback onto a screen so that the homeopathic doctor can adjust the imbalances accordingly. The system has a range in numbers that the outcome should be in that range to have the human body running or working at optimal performance. If that said number is below the attainable number the biofeedback doctor with computer mouse in hand works with the program to tell the feedback to adjust the certain thing in the body to think that it has the amount it needs so it is working properly so that the organ, tissue, brain or other workings of the body can be reprogrammed to do the job it’s suppose to do.

Reprogramming my body

My body had shut down so much and for so long that my lungs, bladder, liver, skin and muscles, gut which consists of stomach, small intestine, colon and bowel needed to be told how to function properly again. In reprogramming my body every month it took time for my body to heal, to relearn how to function and to get into it’s natural biorhythm again. I was so out of balance nothing in my body was working properly and it was wreaking havoc on my entire body.  My body forgot how to absorb vitamins and minerals, it forgot how to store the good stuff where I needed it. My GI tract wasn’t absorbing anything! For the first time in my life I had a layer of fat over my entire body,  I couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening once my digestion started working I noticed the fat layer slowly being shed.

Once the body relearns how to function and its roll in maintaining the body you will feel your health return to normal. It takes time for the body to heal itself so patience is a must! As you go along on this path of healing you will find yourself, your health and many new ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Adopting new ways to live my life in all areas was crucial to my health and I knew it for a long time but didn’t know how, what or where to begin but once I found this means of healing I jumped right in to a whole new world and a whole new lifestyle. I was excited as I saw progress and kept searching and researching to find what would work for me. I came across certain things when I needed them and was amazed at finding it, each time was an amazing moment of “this is what I’ve been searching for!” It’s because I was listening to my body and my intuition.

What I’ve learned from biofeedback

Changing things up in many areas of my life came from the homeopathic doctor teaching me about human anatomy. The way I was living my life was obviously not working so I took her knowledge and used it and made good habits and routines in my life.  I changed how I eat by going organic, eating smaller meals, chewing more, not eating protein for supper as it’s hard on the liver, eating more fruits and vegetables, and learning new ways to cook and bake are some examples of how I have helped transform my body over the past year and a half.

Learning to drink more water, creating a routine to get to bed and asleep by 1o pm and wake by 7 am, learning to shop for food differently and at different places. For example the health food aisle, avoiding the inside aisles and making conscious decisions by sticking to your grocery list! I only buy salmon, tuna, olives, kraut, and artichokes on the inside aisles. All the rest is in the fruits and veggie department; all fresh and certain items in the organic aisle. I buy my meats elsewhere along with health food stores for what I can’t find at Independent Grocers like arrowroot, coconut crystals, etc. I buy my eggs at Sobeys and anything in the fruits and veggie aisle Independent may have run out of. I love going to the farmers market too.

Learn to control your thoughts in that positive thoughts are healthier than negative ones. That goes for people too! Having healthy friends instead of toxic people in your life makes a huge difference. Meditation, mindfulness and deep breathing are all very important to utilize in your daily routine to keep balance in mind, body and soul. There are so many facets to the mind/body connection to keep you learning for the rest of your life, there is always something else to learn, to hone, to practice and to master.

To me being a master of your own body is the epitome of complete health!

Listening to your intuition is key and it was something I had ignored for far too long. I had that voice in my head telling me over and over there was something more than anemia, that I was needing help desperately but was not finding it through western medicine and I knew it started back in 2012! I didn’t know where to go or how to seek out for what I needed. I ignored those voices until 2015! That same voice for the same amount of time was also screaming at me to get rid of the toxic people in my life and to move away from that place I hated living in so much and to quit my job because it was making me more ill from the stress it put on me….ultimately that voice was telling me to take control of my life and health!

I want to shout it to the world!

Biofeedback literally saved my life and I recommend it to everyone! It seriously is a marvelous natural healthy way to find complete healing. Allowing your body to heal itself is an amazing transformation to go through that brings so much more into your life than just the benefits it offers. It’s two fold!

Love & Light,


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