Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome (MAS)

Multiple autoimmune syndrome (MAS) is a whole new ball game….I have 4 autoimmune diseases which places me in this category.  My biggest question is how to manage having MAS? How to make sure I don’t develop another seeing that I am struggling with Fibromyalgia, Ulcerative Colitis and Graves Disease when all along the underlying issue that caused these three autoimmune diseases was Crohn’s Disease, which went undiagnosed since I was a very young child!

How is this possible that someone can go decades without one doctor seeing the connections as I grew up and slowly developed another and another and yet another autoimmune disease. Even when I look at the years and diseases I had developed I can see that something was very wrong. The thing here that needs to be seen by doctors is that they don’t know how to stop the progression from happening, they don’t know how to clean the gut and keep it working properly. Homeopathy and biofeedback does!!!! I can tell you that first hand. If it weren’t for my first appointment in January 2015 western doctors or medicine would not have been able to help me. I remember being 5 years old my family doctor telling my mom it’s time to have those tonsils out she has had enough infection and antibiotics that it is time.

Then suffering with tonsillitis every year after that at least 3 times each year, then having tonsillitis 7 times between the years I was 8 and 9 and that is when it all changed for me. I can remember the first crohn’s flare I had. Know what I know now and thinking back to that horrible experience. My grades, my activity level, energy, memory, intolerance to foods, aches and pains that were passed off as growing pains, nobody knew what was wrong with me when I couldn’t tell them what I had just read from a novel, sores in my mouth were just cancers. So I learned to pass off every symptom every time I didn’t feel well because no one else thought it was important.

Finally, when I was 12 I had my tonsils out, they were so infected that the doctor couldn’t tell where to cut so he went to deep on the left side and to this day I still get a sore throat on that side. My bunions but especially on my right foot is so deformed because of suffering from tonsillitis for so long that the deformity has made my toe and toe nail grow sideways. I am so self conscious and paranoid of wearing open toed shoes and nothing fits properly, I can’t wear dressy shoes because my foot is so wide. Which if you think about it is such a small detail in the grandness of my health issues.

After my tonsillectomy in 1984 I was put on a 6 week run of antibiotics because I had so much infection in my body from the infected tonsils leaking poisons for so many years. This threw me into another crohn’s flare. Again undiagnosed. But just like my first flare and the one I’m having now I can remember the abdominal pain, diariah, not being hungry, severe exhaustion, fever and incredibly weak.

Once I get crohn’s in remission I will be back in the game of life and I can’t wait. I have plans, I have goals. I’m hoping that I have found the right way to eat for my body while living with 4 autoimmune diseases.  I figure if I continue to stick to this protocol I have designed for my personal tolerances along with intolerance’s I will be able to keep MAS in balance along with all the other valuable pieces of my body balance puzzle I have collected, tested and found to be the best way for my body to function at its best!

The way to keep disease away and if you have a diagnoses to keep yourself healthy is to keep yout gut healthy with good flora and bacteria making sure to take probiotics every day, eat clean whole foods, exercise, listen to your body and learn how your body works at it’s optimal performance. You can find all the ways I have found balance throughout my blog. I started at the beginning of my healing journey which has lead me to this point.



6 thoughts on “Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome (MAS)

  1. Bunions and the tonsils… could you expand upon this for me? Did you have PANDAS growing up? So it was an infection within that was causing the inflammation in the feet, was it strep? Did you ever have any vaccine reactions? Thank you friend.


    • The gut/tonsil connection. Having poor digestion which I have had since I was a small child causes many ailment. I grew up having tonsillitis many times a year until I was 12. Bunions are caused by tight fitting shows but they are also caused by ailments, tonsillitis being one of them. Poor digestion, influenza, etc. thank you for your question for clarification. I hope this answers your question.
      Vaccine reactions-no
      Peace & hope ~Andrea


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