Quality of Life

Over the last 18 months I can clearly see how natural medicine has in fact healed my colitis, lungs, ulcer, blood, and bladder and the slow but steady healing of fistulas and crohns, repairing of my digestive tract, skin, and muscles still taking place.  When taking the natural healing route one must realize that it takes time!!!! A lot of time!!!! I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and the reason for slow healing is slow growth, the growth of mind, body and soul, and in that learning you will search within yourself and find the way your life should be lived.

Poor quality of life

The quality of life when you have crohns and colitis flares changes your whole being drastically. You go from being an enthusiastic, energetic, fast paced, fast moving, quick talking individual to a lethargic, exhausted, sleeping and uncomfortable mess! Before I started taking natural anti inflammatory medicine curcuma I had to be near a washroom at all times, and I could be in there for a very long time. I wanted to sleep all the time, and I do mean all the time, like as in, all day long!

The details of the pain, discomfort, uncertainty, confusion, etc can only be understood and described by someone who has gone through an autoimmune flare, someone who has a chronic illness. Healthy individuals have no idea what its like! My point is when in a flare your quality of life is very poor which makes you feel abnormal, guilty, out of place, a nuisance, unreliable, lazy, and dramatic.

Symptoms return

For the past couple of weeks I tried going back to work but the same things happened before I quit my last job in that I would work and come home and sleep; to me that’s not a life. I regressed ending up having to be close to a washroom again after not having to be for over 4 months, also stopped eating properly due to no energy to prepare meals, cook or bake. Pain in my abdomen returned along with not being hungry, “mental blocks” (if you will), extreme weakness, and severe exhaustion. So, ultimately I made the crohn’s symptoms worse in returning to work for 13.5 hours one week and not making it through the second week only working 9.5 hours. FAIL!

I quit and will not be going back to work until the crohn’s is in remission. That is not the kind of life I want to lead and won’t allow these diseases to control me like that! I can’t just live by working and sleeping, even though these diseases are in control of my body I want my quality of life to be better than that. I have learned to read my body and most important to listen  my body and that’s what I did this time around, rather than ignore it like I did for too many years. I do feel that I will be back to work in August at some point which is what the guy and I had discussed last month, so when he offered to start earlier I took it thinking I could handle it.

Grace in healing

There is grace in healing naturally when you find the right foods to eat for your body to function properly, learning natural methods of taking care of yourself so that you can feel balanced (meditation, yoga, massage, breathing exercises) and finding routines that work best for you on a daily bases. The results that come from natural forms of healing and staying balanced with biofeedback, homeopathy, Ayurveda: doshas, chakras, and crystals have changed my life forever. It’s an amazing feeling to figure out what your body needs and provide it so that you feel whole, clean and rejuvenated.

I will take all that I have learned in the past year and a half with me for the rest of my life. Practicing and following this newly designed way of life I have discovered that works for my body has brought me to a place of inner peace by learning about myself and how I am suppose to live my life. In this place I feel safe, it has shown me the answers to what I was desperately searching for all those years when I was suffering unknowingly from crohns and colitis and had no guidance or direction from anyone.

The Spoon Theory ~ “Spoonie”

This brings me to a new word I found online: “spoonie”. Naturally I had to look it up to see its meaning and origin. It is a word to categorize individuals who suffer from a chronic illness/disease/condition. I have 4 chronic illnesses: fibromyalgia, crohns, colitis and graves (other’s are lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, lyme, ms, the list goes on and on…..) The story behind the word can be found at the link below.

The Spoon Theory ~ by Christine Miserandino

Peace ~Andrea

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