My Heartland Wilderness RV

My blog is about natural healing, wellness, holistic care, food, ultimately the human process of living a balanced life.  So, why a post about my Wilderness trailer by Heartland RV you may be wondering. Well, its quite simple in terms of the peace and serenity it gave me that I needed to heal, but complicated in the way of learning something so out of my realm on my own when I was so ill.

1 year ago ~ July 30th 2015

A year ago today I picked up my brand new travel trailer from the GM dealership and drove it home to the rental we had only 4 more hours left to be in and loaded it up with everything I needed for comfortable living at that time, everything else was already in a storage unit waiting to decorate another home in the near future. I had a blue Dodge Hemi lifted and decked out with a very loud exhaust that sounded beautiful to me! I loved that truck but it was a lemon and put me in debt, I had more debt caused by that truck alone than I had ever had with anything else.

cell phone 220

1 year ago today

I set up house at a campground near by and lived there for one month and one week. I loved it there it was peaceful, relaxing and not far from my work. The owner was great he helped by backing the trailer into the campsite and showed me how to set up and make sure I was good to go.  I had enough of that town/city and wanted so desperately to be done with it once and for all so I moved an hour away and again set up house and loved living there as well. It was treed like the last place but had more area to walk.

August 2015

Although I felt safe at the start it quickly changed. I moved there on August 6th 2015 and left January 8th 2016. I picked the spot I wanted, got into a groove of driving 2 hours to and from work, it was a 15 minute drive to town for groceries and other amenities.  Found a great doctor and planned to permanently move to this new town/city, actually that was in the works for a couple of years but I was finally putting it into action. I went to the library once a week, cooked or baked once a week and was enjoying myself very much. I was feeling the best I had in a very long time at this point and thought I was on the mend.

I had to do something about my money sucking truck so I bought a brand new brownstone 2015 Chevy Silverado LT, and again fell in love with my very own, very first brand new truck. Since I can remember I had wanted to have my own Chevy truck, finally I have one!! I was very proud of myself to have reached that point in my life to be able to buy a new travel trailer and truck in the same year.

October 2015

The months passed and the cold fall temps took hold and for some reason the owner of this campground didn’t ask me to move to a different spot ahead of time but he came to my trailer one night and asked if I could move right now! Other people needed that spot and he could put me somewhere else.  If he had of told me in advance I would probably have moved on to a different campground because I didn’t like any of the other spots he had available.  For some reason he changed his mind that night as he got held up doing something else. I had taken the past 2 hours to get the trailer in moving mode for no reason I thought.  He contacted me the next day while I was at work to tell me he would move my trailer to a spot during the day while I was away. I didn’t like this once so ever but had no choice so he said everything would be done by the time I got home and laughed when I was unsure of it all.

When I got back my trailer was moved, nothing was hooked up, it wasn’t leveled and my poor cat was scared and hiding, took me two and half hours to find her.  It was a horrible spot as the neighbour left for work anywhere between 3 and 5 o’clock in the morning and her truck was parked two feet from my bed. She would start it up and of course it was a duly which are very loud and she would open and close all the doors and the tailgate. This went on for two weeks until I complained I couldn’t take it any more. So the owner said he would move me to another spot once he had the hook ups installed.  This took another two and half weeks, by this time I was ill but in a different way and knew I could not move to another campground and still be able to work and make food for myself I was already struggling more than necessary to function. At this point my gut and digestive track were slightly working better and my crohns and colitis symptoms were rearing their ugly heads!

In hindsight I should have asked for help and moved on up the road! But hindsight as we all know is 20/20. This is where it all went wrong. Allowing him to control me when he moved my trailer was a big mistake, he knew I was sick and took advantage of that, but this was only the beginning. As I look back I realize he was interested in me, but I had no idea because I was so sick and struggling to stay a float, literally speaking!!!!! Plus I didn’t care for many reasons one being I was not interested in him as I didn’t find him a nice person or attractive and two the most important, he’s married! Seriously, what the hell is wrong wrong with people. I didn’t want his help, I never asked for his help he would force it upon me and I had to be nice for fear he may do something because by now I had a bad feeling about him, I was getting bad vibes I didn’t pick up on before. There was no where for me to go. I was already driving 2 hours for work and to move at that point was not an option as I knew I couldn’t do it physically.

November 2015

I prepared myself for winter and skirted the bottom of my trailer for insulation and put an outdoor heater under or rather inside the cozy walls of my “basement”. It was -19 to -22 degrees by now as I had to wait for money from my CP contributions as I was no longer working. I put the skirting on one side myself and the back and he helped me finish up the other side and the front. I couldn’t find heavy pieces of wood to secure the silver heating skirting so he brought some for me. This was nice of him but they were railroad trusses which would have been heavy enough to hold the skirting down plus I told him I didn’t know how long I would be staying.  Never the less he used railroad nails to hold the wood down by hammering them into the frozen ground. When he did this to the first one I said “oh that doesn’t need to be done, I’ll put the wood down on it’s own tomorrow myself.” Believe me I didn’t want his help and I could do it all by myself in bits and pieces so that it was done my way, on my terms so that I could remove the wood and leave when I wanted to.  He insisted and hammered ever truss so that I couldn’t get them out on my own.

2015-2016 Niton Junction & Edson 045

Silver insulation skirting ~ Ready for winter!

December 2015

We are now into December and the Christmas season and all I want to do was SLEEP!!!!!!!  My last day of work was November 13th I was sleeping 12 – 14 hours every night and wanted to sleep all day but knew I had to get up to get water, food and natural medicines into me. The water lines froze a couple of times under ground so he would come and fix that and I would be without water for a couple of days. On Dec 16th I didn’t have water again but had been without it for a couple of days already but it worked for a half a day. This time it was on my end that the water slightly froze in my pipes but nothing major, his fuse blew and the heater was off for about 2-3 hours. Neither of us knew this at the time so he came to fix it again and made a major error, one that not even I would make being a female and all, he used a damn wrench on my brand new trailer and brand new heated water hose and busted the water connection on my trailer!

I sensed something was up when he knocked on my door so quickly and agitated so I  got my boots and coat on and ran outside to see what he was up to, as I walked to the other side of the trailer he was standing their with the wrench on my connections with is eye so wide open and he mouth gaping and asked “Do you have a wrench?” And I said for the 3rd time as he had asked me before “No, I don’t have a wrench, you have one in your hands.” He then showed me that the water was running in the hose just fine and to wait a bit until thing thawed. He plugged that damn water hose back onto my trailer and turned the water back on and left. He didn’t tell me he had broke my water connection. That my friends is what you call a weasel, a selfish no good human being that is a coward!

There was no leaking inside or outside of my trailer and by 3 am the water had thawed and the leaking began. It made a huge ice chunk on the outside of my trailer and flooded the inside of my trailer.  That bastard who was knocking on my door at any time of the day at any given hour and disturbing me needlessly for the past 4 months became a ghost, he was nowhere to be found, not once did he come knocking on my door after that, not once did he offer to help me, not once did he drive past to see what I was doing looking for a reason to come over to talk to me. I never once saute him out! He knew what he had done, cowardly and sheepishly made himself scarce. He never fessed up to damaging my travel trailer even when confronted.

January 2016

As soon as the RV repair staff where back from Christmas vacation which was January 4th 2016 I struggled with lack of energy, weakness and mental capacity to do everything that had to be done an tow my trailer 20 minutes west to get repaired and move into a different RV resort as far away from crazy wrench owner. This town is the place I was being pulled to for the past 6 or 7 years long before I moved to Alberta. I’m glad to say that no one has bothered me since and I found nice managers and owners at the first, third and fourth campgrounds I resided in.  I am staying here surrounded by beautiful trees until I am ready to move on, on my own terms!

I was very lucky that Alberta had one of the mildest winters on record this past year or I know I wouldn’t have made it living the RV lifestyle this long, simply because I was not prepared nor had I done enough research to prep for the winter months.


Today ~ 1 year later 🙂

June 30th 2016

Some people may not understand but to live in an RV for 1 full year is a huge accomplishment and I feel I weathered the experience with success! If it wasn’t for that one campground owner messing with my trailer nothing would have gone wrong!

Wilderness RV’s are a great choice and I’m so glad I own a Heartland! It has been the best year of my life living in my RV by myself (and my cat Lucy) in terms of healing and learning about myself, absorbing the peace and serenity of remote places, being close to the mountains and nature which, to me, doesn’t get any better this!

I wanted freedom and I found it in my Heartland RV! Cheers to RV living for 1 full year!

Happy Camping Everyone!


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