I think it is very important to know what is going in your body when choosing foods, asking yourself questions like where does it come from, is it local, is it a dirty dozen and clean 15, how is it raised, are there hormones, pesticides, and other unhealthy chemicals I will be digesting and making myself feel less than healthy. Read the labels and know what is in the food you are eating. I prepare foods the whole30 way! I love that they give you a new way of viewing foods and the reactions foods can have on your body. Food combo switch up, meal swaps and interchangeable food ideas.

Whole9Life & Whole30 have the information you need to start and complete the program.

Books: It Starts With Food & The Whole30: 30 Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom

Against All Grain has a great link that showcases the recipes that are in her books and food blog that are Whole30 compliant or can be tweaked to be in accordance with this program requirements. aag whole30 compliant



I am not healed yet so I have not done a Whole30 challenge but would like to later this year starting in September when my body is balanced and my gut is healthy and equipped to handle more changes to my diet. I have come a long way and spent thousands of dollars to heal naturally, so I don’t want to upset the balance I am trying to achieve which is finding remission. Being in a Crohn’s and Colitis flares is serious and I have found what is working for me finally so I will stick to this routine until I find full recovery.

I have to admit I do make a lot of the Whole 30 recipes now and for the past 6 months and enjoy them very much, I like the meal plan, their simple to the point explanations and how gratifying it is to whip up a delicious meal and leftovers because anybody who has and IBD will testify that energy to make food let alone feel hungry is sometimes non existent!

I have eaten whole foods all my life, that’s the way I was taught since my parents were raised on farms. I went even more religiously into whole foods shopping and eating out of shear necessity in 2000 when I found it impossible to eat certain foods without feeling incredibly sick, tired, exhausted, lethargic, being gassy, constipated, having cramps or diarrhea and fevers.

I found that if I eliminated certain foods I felt better and as I did this I found some foods that didn’t bother me and stuck to eating that way for a decade at least. BUT eating bland foods was making me unhappy and unsatisfied. I was so glad to find all of these different ways of eating using whole foods and I have learned that even the meat in the supermarket was affecting me with the antibiotics and chemicals growers use on their animals and then I found organic as a great source of whole food eating that I can tolerate and have been eating that way for  a couple of years.


The whole30 is a program to get you to make healthy conscious food decisions. To eliminate certain foods for 30 days so that your gut has a chance to be cleaned out so that for the next month or so you can slowly add in common trigger foods to see if they are trigger foods for you. I`m sure there are more foods I should be avoiding and will figure it out by the end of this year for sure!

Here is another link to my blog about organic foods and the difference for gut sensitivities and gut health.


Cheers ~ Andrea


3 thoughts on “Whole30

  1. You have written a guide that people could explore and use to try new methods. Also, you have added research items so they can feel in control, as you did the hard way, starting from scratch when you were feeling your worst and not knowing if anything would work. It’s like you give them a shortcut to work toward better health and a reason for trying to get better. And, best of all, you give them hope!

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  2. Thank you so much for the comment! I love hearing from my readers. I appreciate that you saw exactly what my goal is by sharing myself on this blog and posting private pieces of me that is so far out of my comfort zone being as private as I have always been. I felt like I only had hope when diagnosed and for the decades I suffered without any help, direction or support. Hope is all I had! My walk through these debilitating diseases have made me a stronger person and I hope here on this blog someone finds help and hope in their struggle with these diseases. Regards, Andrea


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