Healing properties of bone broth

Roast or cook in crock pot a whole pasture raised chicken then take meat off the bones. Put the bones with enough water to cover everything add in onion, carrot, celery, apple cider vinegar, pepper, sea salt, clove of garlic, herbs like bay leaf, thyme, parsley, etc for 3-10 hours, the longer the better the healing qualities of the broth. Beef, bison or turkey bones can be used in this same manner. While cooking the bones you are getting the vitamins and minerals needed for gut health, and so many other benefits for your body. Stock another name for broth is a flavoured liquid preparation. It forms the basis of many dishes, particularly soups and sauces. Read more here.

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I make sure to do this with a fresh chicken, turkey or whatever meat so that I can freeze the meat for other meals and freezing the broth allows endless meal opportunities. This way the prep is already done.

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I don’t have a picture of chicken bones cooking in a crock pot but you get the idea!

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Drink up, heal & enjoy!


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