Dental health

A healthy body requires all aspects of your health to be cared for and that includes dental health. There is a lot of talk about mind-gut connection, mind-body connection, but there is one that is being overlooked and that is mouth-body connection! It is important to have your teeth cleaned once every year to keep up with bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay. Making sure to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day and floss every day to avoid gingivitis, don’t forget to bush your cheeks and tongue too. Keeping on top of dental health can also prevent other diseases manifesting in other parts of your body.

I had all old mercury silver fillings (amalgams) and wondered if my health issues were a direct result of them leaking into my body so, one day I decided it was time to slowly replace as many as I could especially the deep ones with the new porcelain filling. I have a heart murmur so I was prescribed antibiotics and not knowing at that point that I had CD or UC I started on this pursuit of dental fix up phase one, two and three.

Phase one exchange silver fillings with white fillings, phase two root canal, phase three teeth cleaning. After a couple of years just before I went to my first homeopathic appointment I had successfully accomplished it all.  Unbeknownst to me I was creating a perfect potion for my CD and UC to flare, and FLARE it did! I not only took antibiotics that are a trigger I took it sporadically for two years with each visit for fear of bacterial endocarditis. I was not aware of probotics and their role in  gut health after taking antibiotics.


I am glad I got the old fillings replaced and maybe that was the way I was suppose to find out that I had CD and UC. The antibiotics gave me such an uncontrollable gut infection that I was not absorbing anything into my body. What a scary thought!

One last thing I am doing for optimal mouth care is Invisalign to help with a bit of crowding I have so that my teeth can be cleaned better and I will be so happy to have the mouth to body connection taken care of too. I continue to have my teeth cleaned and checked once every year.

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Oil Pulling – holistic cleansing of the mouth


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