Striving to thrive

Good news!

Last Thursday I had my monthly appointment this marks 16 months under homeopathic care, I was “hooked up” (for lack of a better word) to biofeedback and got good news even she was surprised at my progress. My Ulcerative Colitis which is caused because of Crohn’s Disease had healed since my last appointment in April.  My UC is now in remission! I could tell something was happening for the good because my thinking was a little clearer and some symptoms had disappeared. Also, the infection in my bladder which was leaking into my intestines was healed so that helps too. I completely removed night shades from my diet in April and I feel a lot better since I did. I was taken off Red Clover Plus as this cleans the blood and the leaking was making my blood “dirty” causing infection and inflammation. I love to see this progress, I can’t wait to be healthy, it’s been so long I forget what that feels like!

New symptoms & set back!

This past month some new symptoms have reared their ugly head to add to my suffering, I have been experiencing pain in my spine (Ankylosing Spondylitis), joints and bones (enteropathic arthropathy) to the point of being debilitating at my appointment we increased the curcuma and I was symptom free of the pain within a couple of days. On top of that I had a bit of a set back last month dealing with major stress so she helped correct that and gave me some v-c15 for the next time I need a little help dealing with a lot of stress. I’m a type A personality and can get overcome by stress after days on end of relenting stress.

It was an error on my part that I felt this pain because I lowered and stopped taking the curcuma confused by what was happening to my body. Also, mixed up the medicines purpose and stopped taking the wrong one.  It’s a learning process and I write everything down so that in years to come if I have a flare I will be prepared knowing what to take until my appointment with a homeopathic doctor.

Slow & stead wins the battle!

My Crohn’s is still healing so I continue to take curcuma, I still have infection in my bowels so I am still taking silverlining and my body is still not absorbing magnesium and calcium so the mag phos and phyto cal remain on the supplement list from my homeopathic doctor.

I have done a complete overhaul of my diet.  I have completely removed dairy, legumes, grains, processed foods and refined sugars.  These food items I will never eat again because my body can’t handle them as I’ve seen evidence when I try to reintroduce them.

I have also eliminated certain foods while I heal (I want to give my gut a fitting chance) but will reintroduce after my Crohn’s is in remission. A rundown of those foods: all night shades; inflammatory causing, broccoli, cauliflower; produce gas, salads and any raw vegetables; hard to digest, along with red meats I found it took a lot longer to digest, whole nuts and seeds but when I start to eat these again I will soak and dehydrate the nuts like almonds and cashews that are hard to digest.

I find apple peels are hard to digest and they cause me pain, by the way I had a western medical doctor laugh or rather guffaw at me when I said I was in pain after eating a whole apple, that the pain was unbearable, she retorted “That wouldn’t cause pain!”

“I love to see this progress, I can’t wait to be healthy, it’s been so long I forget what that feels like!”

The foods I can eat:

I do eat salmon, halibut, sea food, chicken and eggs, along with cooked vegetables and fruits. I bake grain free bread, wraps, crepes, waffles, muffins, cookies and anything that is easily digested.  I make pudding, cakes, cupcakes, soups, almond milk, jello and ice cream to name a few. All of these are homemade from scratch and with whole foods! You can find recipes I use here including the cookbooks.

On top of changing my diet and the holistic medicines I have learned a few health benefits for IBD sufferers on my own.  I make and drink bone broth from beef or chicken (I want to try bison next), homemade jello from natural gelatin, add collagen peptides to my decaf coffee twice a day and take Ultimate Flora active probiotics daily, and I eat fermented foods like sauerkraut.

All in all it was a great visit and I continue to heal and get stronger every day of every month!