I think it is very important to know what is going in your body when choosing foods, asking yourself questions like where does it come from, is it local, is it a dirty dozen and clean 15, how is it raised, are there hormones, pesticides, and other unhealthy chemicals I will be digesting and making … More Whole30

Dental health

A healthy body requires all aspects of your health to be cared for and that includes dental health. There is a lot of talk about mind-gut connection, mind-body connection, but there is one that is being overlooked and that is mouth-body connection! It is important to have your teeth cleaned once every year to keep … More Dental health

Striving to thrive

Good news! Last Thursday I had my monthly appointment this marks 16 months under homeopathic care, I was “hookedย up” (for lack of a better word) to biofeedback and got good news even she was surprised at my progress. My Ulcerative Colitis which is caused because of Crohn’s Disease had healed since my last appointment in … More Striving to thrive