Finding Contentment in Mindfulness

Finding Contentment in Mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Being present in the moment! Not thinking about what has happened or what will happen next. Not thinking ahead into the future about what you should be doing, what you could do next, or what has to be done. Not thinking about what could be changed in the past, we all know that can’t happen and that those thoughts are a waste of time. It’s about living in the present moment, the here, the now! It’s taking a step back from the stress, the push, the all-consuming thoughts that are negative, that are unnecessary, that take up good quality space in your brain that can be used for positive self-assuring thoughts. After all what you think you attract.


It’s just like anything else that you have to start being aware of and it takes practice. Being mindful is something that has to be learned because in this day and age our world is everything but peaceful, calm or serine. While the internet is a great resource of information it also screams at you telling you all sorts of things that are not feasible just to make a buck, the negative images, bullying and the false information it holds to confuse you leading you on the wrong path. It’s always there even when you are not engaged begging for your attention with the handful or two of social media pressuring you to be a certain way, some people can’t get enough, they have to see what is going on, who is doing what and it is all to consuming. It’s your responsibility to yourself to know when to unplug!

All of today’s influences can make you have higher expectations of yourself than naturally humanly possible and is unfair to live in that kind of world. Being present in your daily life is a blessing when you can feel the emotions you are feeling as you watching your child play, or the look in their eyes when you tell them a story, how cooking and baking can allow your spirit to thrive, sitting quietly can bring inspiration, creativity and a new perspective. To connect in those moments and to allow yourself to fully engage and enjoy those times are what matters, they are the pieces of your life to cherish. Mindfulness can overpower the fast pace the world is setting so that you are living the life at the speed that is comfortable to you as an individual with a limited time to enjoy what your here for.

What works for you?

Mindfulness is a state of being fully present in the present moment, with acceptance, being aware of your immediate surroundings and being without judgement. There are many ways to find mindfulness and there are many ways to use it to better your overall life and health. In looking deeper into the art of mindfulness I found I needed it most to balance myself in all aspects of my life. I had started to get back my equilibrium with homeopathy, biofeedback and homeopathic medicine, getting rid of toxic people that were sucking all my good energy and replacing it with their negative energy, changing my environment to suit my likes and needs and quitting my highly stressful job in order to find the healing I so desperately needed. Now being mindful I feel revived, energized and in my own space where I am content.

I try to use mindfulness on a daily bases and in my healing process it’s been easy in that I take several naps/rest periods a day and use that time to lay quietly and connect with myself, think of what I am grateful for each day, bring in emotions of joy and love and breath until I feel I have accomplished my mindfulness (meditation). Then I bring myself back to the room and carry on with my day. I feel so much more at peace with myself and know that I have complete control over myself and my emotions. I also do this in the morning when I sit quietly in this beautiful natural environment I’ve set myself up in, nature is a wonderful place to be with trees, sounds and fresh air, that I melt right into the mindfulness and it somehow just happens. It’s a refreshing feeling!

Implement mindfulness

I need mindfulness most when in negative and overwhelming situations, I pick up on other people’s emotions, energy and thoughts and that becomes overpowering and overwhelming that I want to get away asap! I use mindfulness in social situations and whenever I feel I need to keep any other energy out of my space. I use mindful-meditation at home to channel my emotions so I don’t have pent up energy that stays with me resulting in anxiety, frustration and confusion. I also use it when I have had a stressful day or week or even a stressful event I don’t want to carry with me for fear it will cause my health to regress so I engage in the moment, take a few minutes to myself and then let it go. I hope you find contentment in mindfulness!

Peace ~ Andrea

Below are a few links to mindfulness and ways it can help you in your life:

Mindful ~ Take time for what matters – This is a simple stright forward approach I use most often

The Art of Now: Six Steps to Living in the Moment ~ Psychology Today

Benefits of Mindfulness

Love, peace & hope ~Andrea

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