Infused water

I am not a fan of water I have been known to cringe, shiver and even gag when I drink H2O!

I know I have to drink it to stay hydrated and I know it is a necessity for good health and being balanced but it is a hard thing for me to get enough water every day so I had to come up with ideas to make it happen.

One idea was a straw, this for some reason makes it easier to get past my picky palate. Another way to get the daily quota of water is to infuse it with other flavours. Tricking my taste buds is a smart why to enjoy a drink of H2O and with the hot weather here I keep a glass jar of infused water in my fridge most of the time. Infused water is detoxifying and quenching.

My favourite infused water is plain and simple lemon but I also enjoy the combo of cucumber and strawberry or raspberry, lemon and mint.



Fruit, vegetable and herb combos~Strawberry+cucumber+lime+mint, Grapefruit+blackberry+basil, Raspberry+lemon+rosemary…

Fruit combos~orange, blueberry, pineapple, lime, raspberry, kiwi…

Non fruit~cinnamon, rose petals, lavender, fennel, allspice…

And the lists go on!

There are so many ways to enjoy infused water. What flavours of infused water are your favourite?

How to make infused water: In a glass pitcher or jar add the combo you want to try then add water and ice.  Place in the fridge for 1 hour before serving. I make three jars the night before, I make one lemon and the other two different combos so I have it available all day, then add ice as I pour a new glass. Will last up to 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Water drinking facts: It is recommended that adults drink eight, 8 ounce glasses of water a day. To know if you are getting enough water throughout the day is to make sure your urine is the colour of straw/hay, a very light yellow, if not…..drink up!

Cheers ~ Andrea




Finding Contentment in Mindfulness

Finding Contentment in Mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Being present in the moment! Not thinking about what has happened or what will happen next. Not thinking ahead into the future about what you should be doing, what you could do next, or what has to be done. Not thinking about what could be changed in the past, we all know that can’t happen and that those thoughts are a waste of time. It’s about living in the present moment, the here, the now! It’s taking a step back from the stress, the push, the all-consuming thoughts that are negative, that are unnecessary, that take up good quality space in your brain that can be used for positive self-assuring thoughts. After all what you think you attract.


It’s just like anything else that you have to start being aware of and it takes practice. Being mindful is something that has to be learned because in this day and age our world is everything but peaceful, calm or serine. While the internet is a great resource of information it also screams at you telling you all sorts of things that are not feasible just to make a buck, the negative images, bullying and the false information it holds to confuse you leading you on the wrong path. It’s always there even when you are not engaged begging for your attention with the handful or two of social media pressuring you to be a certain way, some people can’t get enough, they have to see what is going on, who is doing what and it is all to consuming. It’s your responsibility to yourself to know when to unplug!

All of today’s influences can make you have higher expectations of yourself than naturally humanly possible and is unfair to live in that kind of world. Being present in your daily life is a blessing when you can feel the emotions you are feeling as you watching your child play, or the look in their eyes when you tell them a story, how cooking and baking can allow your spirit to thrive, sitting quietly can bring inspiration, creativity and a new perspective. To connect in those moments and to allow yourself to fully engage and enjoy those times are what matters, they are the pieces of your life to cherish. Mindfulness can overpower the fast pace the world is setting so that you are living the life at the speed that is comfortable to you as an individual with a limited time to enjoy what your here for.

What works for you?

Mindfulness is a state of being fully present in the present moment, with acceptance, being aware of your immediate surroundings and being without judgement. There are many ways to find mindfulness and there are many ways to use it to better your overall life and health. In looking deeper into the art of mindfulness I found I needed it most to balance myself in all aspects of my life. I had started to get back my equilibrium with homeopathy, biofeedback and homeopathic medicine, getting rid of toxic people that were sucking all my good energy and replacing it with their negative energy, changing my environment to suit my likes and needs and quitting my highly stressful job in order to find the healing I so desperately needed. Now being mindful I feel revived, energized and in my own space where I am content.

I try to use mindfulness on a daily bases and in my healing process it’s been easy in that I take several naps/rest periods a day and use that time to lay quietly and connect with myself, think of what I am grateful for each day, bring in emotions of joy and love and breath until I feel I have accomplished my mindfulness (meditation). Then I bring myself back to the room and carry on with my day. I feel so much more at peace with myself and know that I have complete control over myself and my emotions. I also do this in the morning when I sit quietly in this beautiful natural environment I’ve set myself up in, nature is a wonderful place to be with trees, sounds and fresh air, that I melt right into the mindfulness and it somehow just happens. It’s a refreshing feeling!

Implement mindfulness

I need mindfulness most when in negative and overwhelming situations, I pick up on other people’s emotions, energy and thoughts and that becomes overpowering and overwhelming that I want to get away asap! I use mindfulness in social situations and whenever I feel I need to keep any other energy out of my space. I use mindful-meditation at home to channel my emotions so I don’t have pent up energy that stays with me resulting in anxiety, frustration and confusion. I also use it when I have had a stressful day or week or even a stressful event I don’t want to carry with me for fear it will cause my health to regress so I engage in the moment, take a few minutes to myself and then let it go. I hope you find contentment in mindfulness!

Peace ~ Andrea

Below are a few links to mindfulness and ways it can help you in your life:

Mindful ~ Take time for what matters – This is a simple stright forward approach I use most often

The Art of Now: Six Steps to Living in the Moment ~ Psychology Today

Benefits of Mindfulness

Love, peace & hope ~Andrea

Fighting CD & UC ~ It’s all the same!

Danielle Walker’s recent flare post. A good read for people who have CD and/or UC and for their family and friends to see it’s the same across the board for all IBD sufferers.

On a personal note I suffer from both Crohn’s and Colitis. You can find a great website here.

Gut feeling

It can be so confusing with all the information out there floating around most of it so contradicting in terms of what is good or bad for best possible nutrition that it can become frustrating and some are left feeling uncertain about what’s best for their health. I think it is most important to do what is best for you as an individual, considering what works and what is reactive to your body to have a better understanding of how your body works. I like to have resources and being under Homeopathic care I am supplied with resources to help me live a healthy life. I have found natural nutritional tools a huge asset and I want to share them with you!

Tools for healing your gut

The first tool is listening to your body. I believe in being a person rather than a patient for the importance of the person to advocate on their own behalf and to do the leg work in learning everything they can to make the best choices for what their body can tolerate and avoid triggers and unnecessary prescription medication and surgery. Only you know your body better than anyone else and I believe that it is up to you to do the research to find what works for your body. It depends on what route you choose to take as well, for instance, I know more about how natural medicine and diet change can heal because this is the path I have chosen.

Natural Healing

Some may scoff, ignore or turn a blind eye to my method of finding remission naturally, yet they fail to see that in the western medicine route patients struggle more because prescription drugs are only masking the symptoms not healing the disease and ultimately the drugs are creating different symptoms.  More often than not the patients last resort is surgery because the prescription drugs are not working or the symptoms from them are worse than the symptoms from IBD and they can no longer tolerate the drugs or the drugs no longer work so the only thing left to do is surgery which is so unfortunate as I see it unnecessary. It’s unfortunate that people have to go through all this when they don’t have to. In healing naturally I haven’t had any adverse reactions from holistic medication and when I don’t need the homeopathy medicine anymore it’s because my CD & UC will be healed, my autoimmune diseases will be completely in remission!

I’m finally to the point I only have mild IBD symptoms now because of the disease itself or when I eat something that my gut doesn’t like only because I am still healing and I am still going through the process and learning about my food intolerance. The homeopathy medicines I am taking and have been since November 2015 are Curcuma and Red Clover Plus. Red Clover Plus is for inflammation and Curcuma is to stop the leaking from my bladder that is causing my CD to flare. I have Red Clover Plus as a future resource when I have another flare, I want you to know that I have no side effects from any of the natural medicines I take or have taken in the last 16 months. The only reason I chose natural healing is because I react to everything in the western medicine world.

Food Journal

Keeping a food journal is something I heard about a lot in the IBD world so I started this method of tracking my food intake and it is a big help and I hope it will keep me on track so that I can heal quicker. In my efforts to heal as quickly as I can I drink 3-3.5 liters of water per day, I have read about conflicting amounts of water a person should consume but the most popular seems to be eight, 8 ounce glasses of water each day which works out to be almost 2 liters of water a day for an adult but I’m healing so I’m thinking it should be slightly more. Another key element to healing is to keep moving! Even if its only walking outside or on a treadmill or even moving around your home, anything as long as your moving!

Nutritional Therapy can consist of a combo of different foods to consume and the many types of diets there are for optimal health. I will start with macro-nutrients which are nutrients that provide calories and energy.  These are needed for growth, metabolism and for the body to function. Macro-nutrients are carbohydrates, protein and fats; these are needed in large amounts.  Micro-nutrients are trace amounts of vitamins and minerals which are organic compounds found in food.

The mind set “diet”

Taking a look at the different types of “diets” I have tried. In my younger years I was always able to eat what I wanted when I wanted, food didn’t affect me in the sense that I had never been on a diet to lose weight or maintain weight, I weighed between 110 – 124 pounds through high school and college until I was pregnant with my first baby at the age 21. After I was diagnosed with Graves disease my weight fluctuated a bit but then it was between 120 – 129 pounds most always 124 lbs. I have never been overweight but I have been underweight at times all due to health problems. When diagnosed with Graves disease I started to eat gluten free and I ate this way from March 2001 to January 2015 I also tried the Blood Type Diet during that time but neither were what I needed, I still had symptoms although I was unaware of what was wrong as doctors were unable to help me or dismissed me.

FOOD is a the biggest part of health and crucial in healing when living with IBD or any autoimmune disease, I have tried many ways of eating trying to find what works best for me. I’m not quite there but I’m getting closer I can feel it!  You can find the other types of diets I’ve tried since being diagnosed last November with IBD at the links below.



Paleo & Autoimmune Paleo

Grain free:

Against All Grain

One Pot Meals

Eggs for Breakfast, Lunch or Supper

Gut Healing Ingredient

Getting Started in the Pantry

Go with your gut!