Infused water

I am not a fan of water I have been known to cringe, shiver and even gag when I drink H2O! I know I have to drink it to stay hydrated and I know it is a necessity for good health and being balanced but it is a hard thing for me to get enough … More Infused water

Gut feeling

It can be so confusing with all the information out there floating around most of it so contradicting in terms of what is good or bad for best possible nutrition that it can become frustrating and some are left feeling uncertain about what’s best for their health. I think it is most important to do … More Gut feeling


Being as sick as I was and watching my body recover I see how important probiotics are in healing the gut and how essential they are in maintaining the flora, fauna and healthy bacteria the gut needs to work at optimal performance.  Researching the best probiotic and one that is soy, gluten and dairy free … More Probiotics