Kitchen tour

I just came across the 3 links below and was surprised that I hadn’t seen them before.  Against All Grain Danielle Walker’s Tour My Kitchen:

The appliances she uses are needed so that the recipes can be made properly and I plan on purchasing all of them, next on my list are yogurt maker and dehydrator. The thing with all these appliances is that even if they are expensive they will in turn, if used, pay for themselves in time.  I figure to be able to eat good food that I love and that satisfies me I may as well go all out, this is after all the way I will be eating for the rest of my life. I find having cookware and gadgets easily available in my kitchen to make food prep quick and easy, I’m all for it! Organization in the kitchen is essential because most Autoimmune Paleo dishes have many ingredients, steps and processes, so having everything I need on hand in my kitchen is essential to my wellbeing!



To add to this I have mason jars in all shapes and sizes because they are useful for storage, presentation, serving and so much more, zip-lock containers (which I don’t use often because they are plastic), I prefer glass containers like Heritage Hill jars and Pyrex.  I also love my root vegetable wire baskets from Home Hardware and the storage shelves I use in cupboards and pantry for added space.  I need to find a drawer rack for my spices this seems to be the hardest item to find, I’ve been looking for years.





Happy organizing!


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