Woman of strength


Strength & beauty a women has inside and out

On November 13th 2015 was my last day of work as I quit my job to heal. I had bought a travel trailer earlier this year and was living in it to avoid renting; I needed to get beyond that and into something I could buy hopefully with acreage so I could start my own business. I had goals and I wanted to accomplish them in the next year or two! Nothing was or is going to hold me back, not even autoimmune diseases!  So, I set out to heal thinking it would take a couple of months, to my surprise it took over 6 months I’m almost to the point I can work again but I’m not completely healed, but enough so that I can function on a somewhat normal level. 

2015 Niton Junction 214

November 13 2015; my last day of work. Two weeks before being diagnosed with 2 more autoimmune diseases; CD & UC. I knew there was something worse going on than the anemia and couldn’t make this work any longer!

June 30th 2015 and August 5 2015. My first month living the RV life and loving it!

2015-2016 Niton Junction & Edson 011

The start of winter RV living. Still working and driving 2 hours to and from work.


feb march 2016 023

It’s just me and my sweet cat Lucy! She’s great company. My daughters divided the other animals up between them and of course have accumulated a couple of more since May 2015.

I took a trip up to the mountains and had to take some pictures. It’s amazing being that close to something so magnificent.

2015 Niton Junction 109

When I saw this my mouth dropped…literally! If only I could have turned I would have. Alaska has been calling me for decades.

2015 Niton Junction 243

Right after I was done work I started colouring every day until I didn’t feel stressed any more.  This was my first November 15th, 2015 and my last was on January 2nd, 2016

Smitten with my new truck. What an accomplishment for me and on my way…

My Chevy matches my travel trailer, gotta love that! I bought her on August 26th, 2015. Having no idea I was as sick as I was and was going to have to quit my job three months later.

My beautiful new 2016 Chevy Silverado grill, then on my way home from Thanksgiving dinner a partridge flew in front of me and got stuck dead in my grill. The bottom right corner picture is my grill mended, not perfect but looks pretty good!

Woodpecker in the tree beside my bedroom, my Lucy’s insulated cat house built by my younger daughter and her boyfriend, and her dog Grizzly, look at that face! They came for a visit and Grizzly was so happy to see me.

jan feb 2016 270

Most recent picture of me taken in February of this year. I can’t wait to not feel sick, it’s been so long that I don’t remember what that’s like.


Willow Creek Coulee 2012. Never feeling healthy sucks; all you want is to know what is wrong with you so you can feel normal!


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