Inspiration for health and wellness

Finding inspiration can come from an outside source or from within. For me inspiration can come from music, trees, a colour, a sunset, nature, snow, horses, a movie like Eat, Prey, Love or a child’s perspective. I also get inspiration from books, writing, organizing and socializing. Inspiration can be in plain view but it can also be hidden and you find it as a surprise or in an odd place. It’s a thrill to find, amazing to experience and uniquely yours! Go with the flow, allow yourself to be inspired and enjoy the depth of motivation it gives you. What you get out of this time is your own experience, one that can free you and help aid in healing by avoiding stress, living in the moment, concentrating and being mindful.

Finding your inspiration

Inspiration can be therapeutic in that is can take you away from your problems and submerges you into a state of positive focus. I love the feeling of getting lost in organizing, colouring, baking, gardening; all of these can bring you inspiration. Next time you go on a nature walk take pictures, focus on the green leaf with a rain drop om it or the water falls magnificent height making sure to have the image represent what you felt and saw at that moment.  Make a scrapbook of your walking journey or if you prefer to write, take a journal and write how you felt at that moment you saw a deer and its fawn run into the bush or maybe draw what you saw. Using inspiration as a way to channel anxiety, anger, or resentment by allowing yourself to focus on the positive is a proactive way to change your health and wellness.

Inspiration can be therapeutic in that is can take you away from your problems and submerge you into a state of positive focus.

When inspiration comes from within you will have an open mind, a listening heart, a trusting soul, and a free spirit.  Being a positive being is an amazing characteristic and will take you far in life. When life is difficult and you are faced with uncertainty, find ways to get away from it so that negativity doesn’t take over and rule your life. I avoid conflict, I despise negativity and I’m not defined by family or friends.

I surround myself with like people, I think happy, good, and peaceful thoughts even at the end of a tough day I still say to myself “Life is good!”.  After all I am alive, there could be something worse I have to deal with and when I look at what I have created I know I’ve done my best. In this moment I see a life that is successful, happy, and colourful and I see a person who is strong, brave, enduring and a warrior! Finding inspiration in everything you do and see will free you from negative, weighing and hopeless thoughts. It allows you to be mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Where do you get your inspiration from? What inspires you?

Love, peace & hope ~Andrea

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