Getting your walk on!

Spring has sprung and I am in walking mode! I can’t wait to accomplish my goals I have set out for the next month and I started this week with a new program. When something isn’t working I’ve learned to revamp, switch up and modify so that I have a goal I can achieve, I like to set myself up for success so that I keep up with my goals. My routine is simple and I’m starting slow and keeping it steady because I want to have progress rather than defeat. I am walking 10 minutes a day this week when I feel good enough to handle it. I am going to focus on how I feel after a walk and go by the way the previous day went in order to predict what will happen the next day. I think that if I do it this way I will be able to increase my length of time each week.

I am feeling good enough to walk more than two days a week so I ditched my old goal of walking 20 minutes twice a week which wasn’t working because I was taking three days to recover. I figured that was too much for my body right now and to minimize the amount of time may be the solution, I hope baby steps will give me success.I want to work at the amount of time I walk each day first that way I can walk at what ever pace I can handle that day and gradually increase as I go. So far this is working as I don’t have to recover the next day, I feel good and I’m right back out there walking for 10 minutes the next day! I looked online and found some facts about walking and hope they help you in getting your walk on!

Mind, Body & Soul

  • walking one mile a day burns 100 calories. You could lose ten pounds in a year without changing your eating habits.
  • experts agree, walk 6,000 steps a day to improve your health, and 10,000 to lose weight.
  • increases the blood flow to the brain

Fun tips:

  1. if you have to make a schedule do so, that way you are getting outside and moving each day.
  2. if it helps set a goal or goals, always make your goals doable, set yourself up for success.
  3. buy a pedometer to log your miles; one mile is about 2,000 steps, or a 20-minute walk
  4. get in the groove; download your favourite songs and make a play list.
  5. walk up hill: by walking up and down hills, you should start to notice results almost immediately. For starters, hill walking helps strengthen the muscles in your legs. Your muscles will gain tone and definition quicker. Helps get your entire body into better shape. Unlike regular walking, your heart rate will go up when you walk on hills because your body will need to work harder to do it. This will get oxygen flowing through your body more quickly and help you build up more stamina.

Enjoy your time walking whether it’s waking alone or with family or friends, where you walk makes a difference too. I was having a hard time because of safety and wild animals in the area so I found a great place in town that has many different paths for great inspiration and scenic trails to mix it up. There are many different resources online to plan a program, stats, tips and tricks to get motivated, and all the benefits that walking has on your well being. When I get into the rhythm of walking it is the best feeling there is, the rhythm of walking and the breath frees my mind of clutter, helps me reconnect with myself and promotes creativity.

Photos courtesy of Barbara Gavin MacInnes & Tessa MacInnes

Happy trails! ~Andrea

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