Night Shades

It was on Facebook the first time I read about night shades and it was a post by The Paleo Mom. Inflammation was a new word to me in this form that is, having IBD and I had never learned that there was a category for certain foods that caused it. This is a straight forward post as there is not much to talk about other than the list that can be found on the link above as well as one at the end of this post that has a few more foods listed. This is an individual testing of the way foods react to the body. What can you handle and what you can’t. Doing the elimination process and then reintroducing nightshades is what I am still working on. I feel that there will not be too many on this list that I can tolerate by the way it’s going.

On occasion I will have white potatoes, tomatoes and paprika in dishes but as I am not in remission yet, I do notice the affect these vegetables have on me. To be honest there are a few nightshades I am perfectly happy not eating because I didn’t like the taste of them before I was diagnosed and I don’t plan on consuming them in the future. I’m not sure about bell peppers yet and I’ve never tried goji berries so I think I will be fine! Good luck!

List of nightshades:

Bush Tomatoes (native to Australia)
Cape Gooseberries (or ground cherries, different from regular cherries)
Cayenne pepper
Chili Pepper Flakes
Chili powder
Chinese Five-Spice Powder
Curry Powder
Curry spice powder
Garam Masala spice
Garden Huckleberries (different from regular huckleberries)
Goji berries
Hot Sauce
Ketchup (and BBQ Sauce)
Most spice blends
Paprika spice
Peppers (including bell peppers, sweet peppers, chili peppers, jalapenos)
Potatoes (different to sweet potatoes)
Red Pepper
Red Pepper Flakes
Steak Seasoning

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