Keep going

Life is fragile, my life changed in a second when I was diagnosed with life threatening, incurable diseases that I will have to struggle with for the rest of my life.  Life can change in many ways, the death of a loved one, diagnoses of disease, loosing a job, bankruptcy, and the list goes on.  They all have lose as a common thread and guaranteed everyone experiences one if not more of these in their life time. There are many ways to work through the grieving process and in time you will work though the 5 stages.


When someone experiences loss they go through the grieving process denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  Loss in any form is loss and the stages are the same, everyone grieves differently and at their own pace. To get through these stages I focused on two words that help me along the road to acceptance and they are; keep going! Focusing on health and wellness, be the autoimmune warrior that finds the positives; how much better you feel, how as you get better you sleep less, that you find foods that you can eat, etc.


Find balance in your day by looking internally to see the whole person, look at the social parts of your life, your emotional state, stop and check yourself, if you notice you have isolated yourself, have anxiety and/or guilt find ways to get past these hurdles. Remember to forgive yourself instead of wasting time on what if’s and should have’s. Life goes on and the way you deal with the grieving process will in time the more you will prove to yourself that you have it in you to find strength, forgiveness and acceptance.

Emotional Searching

I think the most important part of the grieving process is to focus on the emotional searching while you are sick and when you are healing, I found this to be where I grew as a person, when I learned the most about what was happening to my body, how I moved along through the 5 stages of loss and what kept me going! That constant searching is good, it’s therapeutic, it’s a prerequisite and you come out on the other side a new and improve you!

The Whole Person

In the grieving process each stage is broken down into physical, mental and emotional steps and in those times of being confused, lost, feeling of uncertainty and imbalance it is a great resource to center on yourself holistically which, means to focus on the whole person, not the malady. It all comes back to balance for your mind, body and soul, to focus on the “whole person” and to focus on your health and wellness so that you can keep going! 

Keep Going!! ~Andrea

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