Yoga, Meditation, Pilates

One of the many reasons I ended up so ill was that I always pushed on past the pain, exhaustion, feeling ill, warn down feeling for far too long that I was so ill not only physically but emotionally as well. I had to take time off work to regain my heath so that my body could learn to function again properly on its own. I’m so glad I did even though everyone around me thought it was unnecessary. I see the difference in the way my body is slowly relearning to function that I realize it was for my best interest. I guess sometimes you have to be your own advocate.

Listening to your body

In the past I didn’t take time for myself to listen to my body and I knew that is where I needed to start. I have learned through this process that the balancing of life is tricky and it takes time, patients with yourself and constant monitoring. Since I can remember I have felt like I had to compensate all the time. Not just every day but every minute of every day, that in itself is exhausting.  Working through chronic pain each day having  fibromyalgia, is one thing now add anemia, graves, crohns and colitis to that mix and we are taking about struggling to function every day!


People see me and have no idea I struggle, no idea I have three autoimmune diseases and iron deficiency anemia. I walk, talk, act, and look healthy on the outside but I am far from healthy on the inside. Once I got my gut almost healed and I wasn’t sleeping the majority of the day I found I had energy and time to do something and figured it was time to pamper myself! I didn’t know where to start. I found information online along with visiting the local library where I found magazines and videos about yoga, meditation for good health and knew this was a good start in managing stress and sleep, tone muscles and stay active, among other benefits.

I have really enjoyed getting in the routine of yoga and meditating a couple of times a week that I almost have it so it’s just another part of my life. Once I get my muscles toned and stretched and my endurance back, I have always wanted to learn Pilates, and I am determined to do just that by the end of this year!  I found a class in my community and hope to start at the end of this summer.

I have always walked…always but when I moved to Alberta that all changed. I tried walking around where I live but I hear too many stories of all the wild animal stories (bear, moose, wolves and cougar) and how people see them in this area a lot that I was not relaxing and enjoying myself. I love to walk it makes me relax, helps maintain my weight, the rhythm and pace help me think and work through issues, the day or something that is bothering me.

I got a membership at the local gym to walk on the treadmill although I hated the idea of paying money to walk, I tried it anyway. Going to a gym…ugh…not my thing, so far out of my comfort zone that it turned out to be more work to get myself into the gym than it was to walk outside where I felt a unsafe. So, once my month membership is up I will not be going back! When the warmer weather arrives I will walk outdoors where it’s a natural setting and I can get my walking rhythm on!



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