Gut healing ingredient

Gelatin! Many times I came across articles that stock/broth, gelatin and collagen heal the gut, I even had friends posting info on my Facebook and Twitter pages and texting me. Giving it a try I noticed result within a few days.  Differences not only in my gut but my nails, hair and skin even areas that I lost tissue were filling out again!!

There are a few products that offer these ingredients like powder gelatin regular and hydrolyzed collagen, chicken and beef stock/broth. I actually drink stock from a mug because it’s so soothing and comforting plus I use it in cooking recipes. When I feel symptoms creeping up or when I have a flu I make stock!  You can find aag chicken stock recipe here.


I use Vital Proteins Gelatin for making jello with unsweetened juice.  I like cranberry juice the best! Here is aag recipe. It’s a simple recipe and great to make with kids. It can be made into shapes or layer different colours in a parfait cup and add coconut milk whip cream on top for a nice fresh treat!  This pumpkin pudding recipe is really good for a flavoured treat.


I can only drink so much stock so I scoop 1-2 teaspoons of Vital Proteins collagen peptides into my coffee, juice or smoothie twice a day; morning and night. It has given me hope for recovery with my skin, nails, hair and the tissue I lost when I suffered from iron deficiency anemia for over two years and also CD & UC symptoms. I have seen so much progress it’s unbelievable!  These are all life long ingredients for me as they all aid in recovery. All of these sources of gelatin/collagen have helped in the slow process of healing my gut!

Bonus: This link was in my Twitter feed today, minutes before this page was to post on my blog.  Please read for more beneficial info and a coupon code: Paleo Parents

I also use Great Lakes collagen and gelatin they are the same product as Vital Protein both are grass fed products.



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