Unexpected lesson

In my health recovery process of the past year and two months I had a moment one day that I realized I learned gratitude! I had heard people say count your blessings, you should be grateful for fill in the blank here, but could never grasp the concept. Through my health struggles, taking baby steps through it all, I was so grateful that I felt hungry, and then the next was so grateful to feel full/satisfied.  This continued each week and I realized I had this long list of things I was very grateful for that it encompassed my being and I knew that I would be grateful and in turn respectful of my health, of me and of the control I have over my mind, body and soul; always.

I find that I am happier now that I understand what it is to be grateful!

My gratitude list:

  • mountains
  • feeling hungry
  • feeling full
  • regaining health
  • children
  • family
  • freedom
  • homeopathic doctor
  • homeopathic medicine
  • biofeedback
  • cat Lucy
  • muscle memory
  • AIP, SCD, Autoimmune Paleo
  • Against All Grain cookbooks
  • water, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc
  • resources
  • truck
  • travel trailer
  • heat
  • music
  • independence
  • love
  • trees (nature)
  • libraries
  • internet


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