Knowledge is freedom

Educating yourself is the first step and the best choice you can make for yourself. I believe there is always a better answer, a different option, an informed choice, a possible avoidance and a way around everything. In order to be successful in advocating for yourself when sick and in the healing process you have … More Knowledge is freedom

Night Shades

It was on Facebook the first time I read about night shades and it was a post by The Paleo Mom. Inflammation was a new word to me in this form that is, having IBD and I had never learned that there was a category for certain foods that caused it. This is a straight … More Night Shades

Keep going

Life is fragile, my life changed in a second when I was diagnosed with life threatening, incurable diseases that I will have to struggle with for the rest of my life.  Life can change in many ways, the death of a loved one, diagnoses of disease, loosing a job, bankruptcy, and the list goes on. … More Keep going

Kitchen basics

Following the autoimmune paleo diet was foreign to me.  There is so much to learn at the beginning I found it overwhelming but I am continuously learning new things as I go with every new recipe that now I look forward to what I can accomplish next. Once I got the hang of how to … More Kitchen basics