Knowledge is freedom

Educating yourself is the first step and the best choice you can make for yourself. I believe there is always a better answer, a different option, an informed choice, a possible avoidance and a way around everything. In order to be successful in advocating for yourself when sick and in the healing process you have to know what is going on in your body and understand it! Self-management is the new age medical practice in North America which comes from patients wanting to be a part of the process dealing with their bodies. They are educated, questioning patients who want to take ownership and make the decisions in the healing process.

Homeopathy teaches the patient to listen to what is going on with their bodies and to read the signs and act on them immediately to reduce symptoms and in time heal.  Everything takes time, think about how long it took for your body to get to this point, this sick…it will of course take time to heal too.  Nothing is magic, nobody has super powers to heal you immediately and within nature everything evolves in time just like homeopathic medicine takes time! The foods you consume, homeopathic medicine, natural-path medicine and biofeedback to name a few alternative medicine rather than the harsh western medicine ways is the way of the future.


Western Medicine

I cannot come to terms with treating or managing the “symptoms” of IBD with prescription drugs, as this only causes more issues, ultimately hiding the symptoms but not healing them which is hindering the body even more. In Western medicine doctors are taught to remove the issue causing the symptoms to fix the body yet that is not always the best decision. In alternative medicine the underlying issue(s) are determined, treated and healed. It’s too bad society is taught that practitioners are the key to health when clearly there are other options. Don’t get me wrong practitioners are needed and save lives but there are other options in healing IBD other than removal of bowels, intestines and colons.

It seems to me all the information I have read online about individuals having surgery and relying on ostomy as their working gut is extreme and in most cases unnecessary.  Of course I don’t know the circumstances behind these decisions but none the less I find it such a scary, permanent and preventable procedure. Unfortunate, for some, yet an advantage for others that there are many advancements and information out there in the medical world now for individuals to make a more informed decision, that it makes me feel bad for the ones who didn’t have access to it in the past. No one should suffer or struggle the way we do with autoimmune diseases and I view masking symptoms and surgery to add to the suffering which to me is so unfair and unnecessary.


In my experience I found healing the natural way with homeopathy, I am so grateful for the information and the path I’m taking so that I can live a healthy life without surgery. For me knowledge is freedom from surgery, over the counter medication that manages only the symptoms and these diseases constantly reaking havoc on my body.  I want to share my successes and triumphs with whomever will listen in hopes it will reach others and they can find healing in the same none evasive ways I have found for healing IBD. Things have to change in the western medical world and the only way for that to happen is to educate yourself and find the best solution for your path on the IBD road.

I hope for everyone who is living with autoimmune diseases find healing! ~Peace



Night Shades

It was on Facebook the first time I read about night shades and it was a post by The Paleo Mom. Inflammation was a new word to me in this form that is, having IBD and I had never learned that there was a category for certain foods that caused it. This is a straight forward post as there is not much to talk about other than the list that can be found on the link above as well as one at the end of this post that has a few more foods listed. This is an individual testing of the way foods react to the body. What can you handle and what you can’t. Doing the elimination process and then reintroducing nightshades is what I am still working on. I feel that there will not be too many on this list that I can tolerate by the way it’s going.

On occasion I will have white potatoes, tomatoes and paprika in dishes but as I am not in remission yet, I do notice the affect these vegetables have on me. To be honest there are a few nightshades I am perfectly happy not eating because I didn’t like the taste of them before I was diagnosed and I don’t plan on consuming them in the future. I’m not sure about bell peppers yet and I’ve never tried goji berries so I think I will be fine! Good luck!

List of nightshades:

Bush Tomatoes (native to Australia)
Cape Gooseberries (or ground cherries, different from regular cherries)
Cayenne pepper
Chili Pepper Flakes
Chili powder
Chinese Five-Spice Powder
Curry Powder
Curry spice powder
Garam Masala spice
Garden Huckleberries (different from regular huckleberries)
Goji berries
Hot Sauce
Ketchup (and BBQ Sauce)
Most spice blends
Paprika spice
Peppers (including bell peppers, sweet peppers, chili peppers, jalapenos)
Potatoes (different to sweet potatoes)
Red Pepper
Red Pepper Flakes
Steak Seasoning

Keep going

Life is fragile, my life changed in a second when I was diagnosed with life threatening, incurable diseases that I will have to struggle with for the rest of my life.  Life can change in many ways, the death of a loved one, diagnoses of disease, loosing a job, bankruptcy, and the list goes on.  They all have lose as a common thread and guaranteed everyone experiences one if not more of these in their life time. There are many ways to work through the grieving process and in time you will work though the 5 stages.


When someone experiences loss they go through the grieving process denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  Loss in any form is loss and the stages are the same, everyone grieves differently and at their own pace. To get through these stages I focused on two words that help me along the road to acceptance and they are; keep going! Focusing on health and wellness, be the autoimmune warrior that finds the positives; how much better you feel, how as you get better you sleep less, that you find foods that you can eat, etc.


Find balance in your day by looking internally to see the whole person, look at the social parts of your life, your emotional state, stop and check yourself, if you notice you have isolated yourself, have anxiety and/or guilt find ways to get past these hurdles. Remember to forgive yourself instead of wasting time on what if’s and should have’s. Life goes on and the way you deal with the grieving process will in time the more you will prove to yourself that you have it in you to find strength, forgiveness and acceptance.

Emotional Searching

I think the most important part of the grieving process is to focus on the emotional searching while you are sick and when you are healing, I found this to be where I grew as a person, when I learned the most about what was happening to my body, how I moved along through the 5 stages of loss and what kept me going! That constant searching is good, it’s therapeutic, it’s a prerequisite and you come out on the other side a new and improve you!

The Whole Person

In the grieving process each stage is broken down into physical, mental and emotional steps and in those times of being confused, lost, feeling of uncertainty and imbalance it is a great resource to center on yourself holistically which, means to focus on the whole person, not the malady. It all comes back to balance for your mind, body and soul, to focus on the “whole person” and to focus on your health and wellness so that you can keep going! 

Keep Going!! ~Andrea

Yoga, Meditation, Pilates

One of the many reasons I ended up so ill was that I always pushed on past the pain, exhaustion, feeling ill, warn down feeling for far too long that I was so ill not only physically but emotionally as well. I had to take time off work to regain my heath so that my body could learn to function again properly on its own. I’m so glad I did even though everyone around me thought it was unnecessary. I see the difference in the way my body is slowly relearning to function that I realize it was for my best interest. I guess sometimes you have to be your own advocate.

Listening to your body

In the past I didn’t take time for myself to listen to my body and I knew that is where I needed to start. I have learned through this process that the balancing of life is tricky and it takes time, patients with yourself and constant monitoring. Since I can remember I have felt like I had to compensate all the time. Not just every day but every minute of every day, that in itself is exhausting.  Working through chronic pain each day having  fibromyalgia, is one thing now add anemia, graves, crohns and colitis to that mix and we are taking about struggling to function every day!


People see me and have no idea I struggle, no idea I have three autoimmune diseases and iron deficiency anemia. I walk, talk, act, and look healthy on the outside but I am far from healthy on the inside. Once I got my gut almost healed and I wasn’t sleeping the majority of the day I found I had energy and time to do something and figured it was time to pamper myself! I didn’t know where to start. I found information online along with visiting the local library where I found magazines and videos about yoga, meditation for good health and knew this was a good start in managing stress and sleep, tone muscles and stay active, among other benefits.

I have really enjoyed getting in the routine of yoga and meditating a couple of times a week that I almost have it so it’s just another part of my life. Once I get my muscles toned and stretched and my endurance back, I have always wanted to learn Pilates, and I am determined to do just that by the end of this year!  I found a class in my community and hope to start at the end of this summer.

I have always walked…always but when I moved to Alberta that all changed. I tried walking around where I live but I hear too many stories of all the wild animal stories (bear, moose, wolves and cougar) and how people see them in this area a lot that I was not relaxing and enjoying myself. I love to walk it makes me relax, helps maintain my weight, the rhythm and pace help me think and work through issues, the day or something that is bothering me.

I got a membership at the local gym to walk on the treadmill although I hated the idea of paying money to walk, I tried it anyway. Going to a gym…ugh…not my thing, so far out of my comfort zone that it turned out to be more work to get myself into the gym than it was to walk outside where I felt a unsafe. So, once my month membership is up I will not be going back! When the warmer weather arrives I will walk outdoors where it’s a natural setting and I can get my walking rhythm on!